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Notify Technology celebrates 7th anniversary by strengthening its SHEQ Software offering

Introducing IOSH CPD approved training, digital document management software and a public API

Leading Safety Tech company Notify is celebrating its 7th anniversary by unveiling a Public API alongside integrated Document Management functionality.

Having launched the world’s first free-forever hazard reporting app in 2017, Notify is claiming another first in the shape of IOSH-approved training courses delivered entirely through their digital SHEQ Software platform.

A Public API for Seamless Integrations and Real-Time Access to Data

A new Public API supports the automatic transfer of health, safety, environmental and quality data from Notify into third-party or in-house software applications. This promises to unlock huge value in the tens of thousands of safety events, audits, actions and risk assessments generated through the Notify platform.

Organisations can also automate routine tasks and data entry, eliminating manual errors and freeing up time for health and safety professionals to focus on safety programmes and initiatives.

As Notify continues to innovate and build on the #safetyrevolution it started in 2017, its solutions are having a lasting and positive impact on workplace safety. Guy Clack, Product Marketing Manager at Notify, commented: “The launch of these new features represents our commitment to support our clients in getting the maximum value from their data, helping them organise structure and report on safety events and activities to help build a truly proactive safety culture.”

Document Management to Support Compliance

Notify’s freshly launched Document Management Module helps organisations comply with ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001 and the recently launched ISO45003. It allows Safety Teams to digitally upload, store and share policies, processes, and procedures from a central location, making it quick and easy for them and the wider workforce to find and access the right versions. With a digital documentation repository paving the way for paperless operations, organisations will not only improve efficiency and compliance, they will also reduce their wider environmental footprint.

IOSH CPD Approved Training Courses – with a digital edge!

In collaboration with Wilson James SAFE (Safety Advisory For Everyone), Notify is proud to launch the first ever IOSH-approved training courses to be delivered utilising a digital SHEQ system. The bespoke courses include a 1-day Risk Assessment Assessor and Safety Awareness course, plus a half day Incident Reporting course. Training is designed to enhance participants’ competency in workplace safety and legal compliance, whilst improving their data literacy by using the Notify system.

Liam Simpson – Director of Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Wilson James commented:

I am immensely proud to collaborate with Notify in pioneering the next era of workplace safety and compliance. The introduction of their Document Management module and Public API compliments our tailored IOSH-approved training courses. These herald a significant advancement in our collective mission to create safer, healthier, and more productive work environments globally. Delivering such courses utilising the Notify platform demonstrates our collective efforts in elevating best practices, embracing digital transformation and proactive risk mitigation ensuring everybody goes home safe and healthy.

Duncan Davies, CEO at Notify also commented: “Since we started in 2017, we’ve focussed on empowering employees to capture and report on safety events as easily as possible. That has resulted in over a million safety data points being collected by our clients. The delivery of a Public API was a natural next step to support clients in truly getting value from all of that data. Now we’re focussed on helping turn that data into insight and making sure users get ahead of the risks, becoming ever more proactive in their approach to safety management.”

The introduction of Document Management and a Public API compliment Notify’s existing offering which includes: Safety Intelligence, Risk Assessments and Method Statements, Action Tracking, Audits and Inspections and Incident Management. They strengthen Notify’s commitment to helping make a billion people safer, healthier and more productive at work.

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