About us

Our mission is to make a billion workers safer, healthier and more productive, wherever they are in the world.

Revolutionising safety culture

Our journey started when we had a theory that if workers were given the right platform to have a voice about safety, they would use it.

Notify Technology was founded in 2017 by Duncan Davies and Andy Dumbell who spotted a gap in the safety market. Now we are an award winning team of passionate problem-solvers and pioneers on a mission to make a billion people safer at work.

We started small in our #SafetyRevolution journey, but as we grow, we continually innovate and look to create simple, useful tools to stop workers from suffering work-related injuries or illnesses.

What we do

We collaborate with you as a trusted partner, to understand your unique health, safety and environmental needs to develop the most effective approach to support your management of them.

Notify is a complete SaaS platform offering a suite of apps and cloud-based modules for any business regardless of size or sector, just pick and choose the right ones for your organisation.

Notify is, quite simply, a lifesaver.

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Incident Management

notify near miss

Report near-misses and incidents from anywhere in the world that managers can assign, track and follow up actions with.

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Audits and Inspections

notify near miss

Help your organisation to generate audits, safety inspections and checklists, saying goodbye to hefty paper trails.

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Risk Assessments

notify near miss

Revolutionise how you manage risk and occupational hazards in your business.

Our values 

Courage to think for ourselves

We’re committed to making decisions based on data, and we have the courage to accept that we’ll still get some decisions wrong some of the time – that’s life!

Supporting each other

Our customers are helping keep people safe; they are often unsung heroes. Our first loyalty is to them and to each other because we share a common goal.

Constructive dissatisfaction

Every time a job is ‘done’ we’ll stand back and ask: ‘could we do it a bit better next time?’. We produce great work, but we’re humble enough to go looking for the next improvement. We celebrate success but seek more.

Continuous personal development

None of us think we’re the finished article. We have a lifelong love of learning. We read books, watch videos, attend conferences, and generally enjoy finding out about things we didn’t know.