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How to monitor health and safety in the workplace

Monitoring health and safety performance

Monitoring health and safety in the workplace is an essential component of any health and safety management strategy. It allows us to accurately assess our existing controls alongside risks to develop an effective plan of action.

Health and Safety management systems normally work on a PDCA system (Plan, Do, Check, Act). Monitoring and review form part of the CHECK and ACT sections of most safety management systems, including the requirements within ISO 45001 (2018) and recommendations made within HS(G) 65.

Organisations need to do this for the following reasons:


  • Identify your risk profile
  • Assess the risks, identify what could cause harm in the workplace, who it could harm and how, and what you will do to manage the risk
  • Decide what the priorities are and identify the biggest risks
  • Organize your activities to deliver your plans
  • Involve workers and communicate, so that everyone is clear on what is needed and can discuss issues – develop positive attitudes and behaviors
  • Provide adequate resources, including competent advice where needed
  • Implement your plan
  • Decide on the preventive and protective measures needed and put them in place
  • Provide the right tools and equipment to do the job and keep them maintained
  • Train and instruct, to ensure everyone is competent to carry out their work
  • Supervise to make sure that arrangements are followed



How is health and safety monitored and maintained?

Organisations require a monitoring and review process, to ensure:

Monitoring and measuring performance

When monitoring and measuring performance, there must be benchmarks, KPIs, and standards to measure against.

Monitoring takes several forms and will involve a variety of personnel including workers, supervisors, managers, and directors. Specialist advisors may be called in to assist where there are specific hazards or processes that exceed the competence of organizational personnel.

It will involve watching processes and workers, speaking to people to assess understanding, alongside examining written reports and documents that form the Health and Safety management system e.g., Health and Safety policy, risk assessments, training records, and other relevant documentation.

The workplace safety monitoring and review process

Monitoring and measuring performance are all very well but will be completely ineffective if the results are not monitored and then reviewed by the supervisors, managers and senior management team of the organisation. Ideally, one of the directors should be made responsible for overseeing this and bringing areas of concern to the attention of the full board.

Senior management needs to assess the moral, legal and economic implications of any results and recommendations to ensure that any absolute duties are complied with and that risks are reduced to as low as reasonably practicable, considering any developments in technology and processes. Even areas that are compliant with standards should be reviewed to see where they can be improved.

Once assessed, actions for improvement should be developed and presented to workers in all areas for their feedback and comments on how they feel the actions should be implemented. When consulting workers on reviews, information should be communicated to all workers through various mediums including safety committees, representatives (union and workers) and by using noticeboards, emails, appraisals, etc. This will keep everyone informed and aware that monitoring processes are taken seriously by the organization.

The senior management team can then review any new proposals and agree on any changes to make. Improvements should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART). These will then be cascaded down to the relevant managers and supervisors to implement. Sufficient resources from the Health and Safety budget need to be made available, along with access to any competent specialists that may be required during implementation.

How Notify can help you

Notify can provide a platform to ensure that all organisations can demonstrate compliance with their internal safety monitoring and review requirements. Our incident reporting and audits/inspection modules can ensure that organisations implement a structured system, to record their monitoring and review processes. We strongly recommend that if you currently do not have a structured monitoring and review process as part of your safety management system – Book A Demo

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