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Our health and safety software is your steadfast co-pilot in navigating the complex landscape of transport EHS, ensuring the smooth flow of logistics and the well-being of everyone involved

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Start your journey to a safer workplace

With Notify you can remove the burden of paper-based systems, ensure compliance, streamline operations and empower your team and workforce to proactively manage risks. From real-time incident reporting to a centralised view of safety performance, our software will ensure your workforce, vehicles and equipment remain safe.

Carry out remote inspections

With our Audits and Inspections module and intuitive mobile app, you can create, schedule and carry out routine checks such as quality audits, safety/environmental inspections and vehicle checklists whilst on the move (on or offline). Increase efficiency, save time and ensure your fleet is always ready to hit the road by mitigating unexpected downtime.

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Report incidents and close calls in real time

Our digital systems remove the need for manual paper processes and enable everything to be tracked in real-time. If you have a worker near a railway line, or a worker on a remote stretch of road and there’s an incident, they can use our free Incident Management mobile app to report not only the incident but their exact GPS location, including any images. You can also escalate the alert status based on the safety event type, so senior stakeholders are informed about any serious incidents in real-time.

Confidently demonstrate compliance

Be confident that you have put the correct safety measures and procedures in place to adhere to regulatory requirements. Obtain a fully auditable trail of any corrective actions and easily create reports for the HSE. Notify can also support you with regulatory reporting to the RSSB, as well as reporting around LTIs and AFRs.

Reporting an incident
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Make informed decisions with real-time safety intelligence

With our interactive dashboards, you can track trends, alleviate blind spots and use leading indicators to predict and prevent future issues. Stay on top of your safety performance and seamlessly report on KPIs to your board too.

What our customers say

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"The introduction of the Notify tool has provided Siemens Mobility with the opportunity to fully understand EHSQ performance in real-time. The tools’ ability to engage staff at every level has resulted in a positive reporting culture of not only incidents but also positive behaviours and acts. Notify aftersales care and support has been second to none.”

Colin Cox, Head of SHEQ Management Systems and Assurance

Yunex Traffic

"We selected Notify Technology for its ability to rapidly deploy software across our global operations. We’ve been impressed with how Notify has handled the go-live, including close communication with Yunex Traffic, and the migration of historical data, and we are excited to continue our partnership as we focus on developing our proactive safety culture, based on leading indicators.”

Christoph Roth, Head of Business Excellence

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"Notify has changed how we manage our incident reporting and provides greater transparency throughout the business. It allows us to share this transparency with clients who require collaborative working, sharing good practice and lessons learned, and forming partnerships.”

Craig Lawrie, QSHE Manager

Explore our SHEQ software

Safety Intelligence

View real-time safety data by site, location and event. Utilise actionable insight to prevent accidents and drive a positive safety…
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Risk Assessments

Empower your workforce to proactively identify and control operational risks. Track activity and keep all of your employees informed
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Method Statements

Use templates to digitally create, publish and share construction phase plans, risk assessments and method statements​ (RAMS)
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Action Tracking

Obtain a centralised view of all health and safety actions across your organisation. Visualise action status via interactive dashboards
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Audits and Inspections

Create, schedule, assign and oversee all your audits, inspections and checklists. Complete checks on the go with our mobile app
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Incident Management

Digitally capture incidents in real time on any device. Speed up investigations and track corrective actions to completion
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Document Management

Store, share and easily access all of your health and safety documentation, from one central location
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With a customer satisfaction score of 97% and a NPS score of +69, our friendly team of experts are here…
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