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Notify launch new Incident Reporting App to help reduce workplace accidents

“Notify’s innovative Mobile App streamlines near miss reporting, boosts employee engagement and delivers actionable data for proactive risk management.”

After launching the world’s first free forever hazard reporting App in 2017, leading Safety Tech company Notify Technology, is leveraging it’s 7 years’ experience to launch a brand-new Incident Reporting Mobile App.

The free-to-use App empowers employees, members of the public, or an organisation’s supply chain to capture safety, health, environmental or quality events in seconds. Whether it’s an observation, hazard, near miss or accident, Notify’s customisable App enables quick, easy, and accurate incident reporting from any location, in real-time, on or offline.

Organisations can customise picklists such as the type of report to standardise data collection, making it easy to identify trends. Pictures can be added to give context and to visualise incident reports, and the exact location of incidents can be geo-tagged via GPS. The ability to report via unique QR codes without requiring a login, along with speech-to-text functionality speeds up data entry, encouraging employee engagement.

Automated e-mail and SMS notifications for high priority incidents such as lost time and RIDDOR-reportable incidents, ensure that Safety Teams can immediately respond in the event of a serious incident. Corrective actions can be assigned and tracked in Notify, and Safety Teams can keep the reporter of the event informed during investigations – closing the feedback loop and reinforcing that safety is seen as a priority.

Andy Dumbell – Chief Technology Officer at Notify commented: “For too long, organisations have been bogged down by manual processes, paper-based reporting, and Excel sheets to handle safety reporting. These outdated methods not only cause underreporting due to low engagement but also make it a nightmare for Safety Leaders to track, visualise, analyse, and act on frontline data.

Our new incident reporting mobile app changes the game by making it super easy to capture data, saving time, boosting engagement by 10x, and giving Safety Teams the insights they need to cut down on risks.

With Notify’s Safety Intelligence dashboards, Safety Leaders can also view all of the incident data generated in one place, in real-time. They can track leading indicators and spot patterns or areas of concern, allowing them to prioritise and implement proactive safety improvements across their organisation. They also make demonstrating compliance and the effectiveness of safety initiatives to boards and regulators a breeze.

The free forever app puts safety in the hands of everyone and it strengthens Notify’s commitment to helping make a billion people safer, healthier and more productive at work

Learn more about the new Incident Reporting Mobile App.

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