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Embracing Health, Safety, Environment and Quality software

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There is no denying that the age of digital transformation has accelerated even more rapidly over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, businesses opting to wait before adopting a digital-first approach are being left behind. Automated processes are commonplace across all areas within businesses and the same can be said within health and safety which has arguably been playing a little catch up at times.

Health & Safety professionals and CEOs alike are investing in highly efficient ways to support the running of their business, protecting and engaging their workforce and supporting the delivery of their environmental strategy.

Why invest in software and technology for Health and Safety?

Technology is usually considered essential to improve productivity or drive growth in the workplace and using health and safety software is no different. The right technology makes it easier and more efficient to log and manage accident reports and risk assessments, as it eliminates, manual-based tasks which historically may have led to duplication of effort, errors being made and problems with audits.

The right software makes it easy to instantly manage risk assessments, accident reports and other health and safety incidents and audits. Everything can be safely stored in the cloud and accessible via different devices, ensuring everyone who needs access to any files, dashboards or management reports can easily access them, wherever they happen to be.

Tech solutions for health and safety deliver multiple benefits including:

  1. Minimising the risk of manual errors – human error is unavoidable, but with some level of automation, the risk can be significantly reduced
  2. Automating essential check-ins or updates – the right software will remind you when you need to carry out a risk assessment or similar updates and make you aware when important ones are overdue
  3. Promoting transparency – cloud solutions give your business access to critical data from any location and at any time, allowing you to easily receive, manage and track health and safety incidents and actions in real time via interactive dashboards
  4. Improving collaboration and communication – apps which are easy to use will significantly improve adoption across your workforce, driving improvements in collaboration, communication and health and safety culture
  5. Creating better training programmes – recorded accidents and incidents can be used for future training exercises and can inform future toolbox talks
  6. Solidifying your audit trail – the right software allows you to have a clear and identifiable audit trail, making it easier to assess where lessons can be learnt if an incident does occur. In addition, you can spot patterns and plan future processes to avoid repeat incidents, shifting your focus from lagging to leading indicators

Save time and money with Health and Safety management software

A more efficient and streamlined approach to health and safety makes it easier for your employees to report any concerns quickly and with very little effort. As the health and safety professional for your organisation the right technology will unburden you from hours upon hours of paperwork and reporting – allowing you to focus back onto why you entered the profession in the first place!

Purpose-built health and safety software will not only save you a significant amount of time, but as more data is created within your solution the more powerful the right tools become in informing your future strategies and the incredibly important shift from lagging to leading indicators.

Our smart and intuitive apps make it easy to manage health and safety quickly via a smartphone. Our software features an easy-access and straightforward management portal where all documentation is stored, from reports to actions and assessments to audits. We make it easy to digitally manage your health and safety, supporting you in achieving compliance to standards in a simple and less time-intensive way.

Book a demo with our team or access your 14 day FREE trial and find out how we can help your business.

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