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Ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of your staff, guests and contractors, with Notify’s intuitive mobile apps and health and safety software

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Continue delivering an excellent service with complete peace of mind

In the dynamic world of entertainment and leisure, ensuring the safety and well-being of both guests and staff is paramount. With Notify you can streamline your SHEQ processes, demonstrate compliance, and foster a culture of safety, giving you the peace of mind that your staff and guests will stay safe.

Capture learning events from all staff and visitors

Make paper-based reporting forms and near-miss slips a thing of the past. With our free Incident Management mobile app, employees can capture and report incidents, accidents, near misses, hazards and positive observations from any venue, in real time. Your contractors and seasonal employees can log reports without creating a user account, and visitors can capture any incident at any venue with our QR code functionality.

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Conduct Risk Assessments and checks on the go

We know how important it is to protect the welfare of your employees, contractors and all visitors. With Notify you can create and complete dynamic risk assessments from anywhere, allowing you to proactively identify any hazards and be confident that you have mitigated any potential risks, prior to events taking place.

Extract and act on valuable insight

With our interactive dashboards you can quickly extract incident, audit and action data to enhance your working environment for both staff and guests. Not only that, but you can also create timely safety reports that engage your senior management teams, as well as enable informative decision-making to enhance your proactive and reactive safety approach.

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Demonstrate compliance

Enjoy the peace of mind that stems from maintaining a thorough and traceable record of your safety data. With Notify you can steer clear of financial penalties, reduce the likelihood of legal repercussions, and safeguard your organisation’s brand reputation

What our customers say

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"I’ve had lots of different feedback from staff across our Raceday teams, Restaurant Group and Horseradish Events and Catering which has all been extremely positive. Lots of staff who are self-proclaimed ‘technophobes’ saying they’re impressed with how easy the QR code was to use to find our reporting and auditing tools, and how simple the Notify systems are to use!"

Matthew Jones, Head of Health and Safety

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"I’m really happy with Notify, it has allowed us to collect clear data and identify risks and trends within the organisation, to protect our visitors and staff as best we can. The app works well and is simple to use, which has helped us better implement the tool across the business, encouraging accountability at a management level too."

Graeme Timms, Head of Health and Safety

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"The team working for Notify are amazing, relatively new software to our business and still in the development stages but despite this the team are always available and willing to listen to the users feedback before updating and rolling out new versions/updates."

Heather Fitsell, OSHE Manager

Explore our SHEQ software

Safety Intelligence

View real-time safety data by site, location and event. Utilise actionable insight to prevent accidents and drive a positive safety…
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Risk Assessments

Empower your workforce to proactively identify and control operational risks. Track activity and keep all of your employees informed
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Method Statements

Use templates to digitally create, publish and share construction phase plans, risk assessments and method statements​ (RAMS)
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Action Tracking

Obtain a centralised view of all health and safety actions across your organisation. Visualise action status via interactive dashboards
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Audits and Inspections

Create, schedule, assign and oversee all your audits, inspections and checklists. Complete checks on the go with our mobile app
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Incident Management

Digitally capture incidents in real time on any device. Speed up investigations and track corrective actions to completion
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Document Management

Store, share and easily access all of your health and safety documentation, from one central location
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With a customer satisfaction score of 97% and a NPS score of +69, our friendly team of experts are here…
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