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With our online incident management and reporting software, your workforce can report hazards, near misses, accidents and incidents in seconds.

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Capture and report accidents in real time

With our user-friendly mobile app, your workforce can digitally capture accidents, incidents, near misses, hazards, environmental events and positive safety observations in real-time. With automated notifications, you can carry out investigations without delay, and easily track subsequent corrective actions through to completion.


Choose what you want to report on

Engage employees with our free app

Assign and track investigation actions

Communicate effectively by closing the feedback loop

Improve your incident response time

With our free mobile app, Notify make it quick and simple for anyone in your organisation to report a near miss or an incident. Never miss a logged report and avoid manually searching for paper-based reports, with instant email alerts and SMS notifications for major incidents, lost time and RIDDOR-reportable incidents.

Improve your incident response time and effectively carry out root cause analysis by assigning and tracking actions through to incident resolution.

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Access from anywhere, on any device

Notify can be accessed via web and mobile devices from any location. It is always on, always available and allows employees, or members of the public to record incidents and upload photographic evidence from their exact location. Data can also be stored on devices without signal until a successful connection is found. Reporting via unique QR codes is available.

Demonstrate compliance

Obtain a centralised view of all logged incidents for reporting to regulators such as the HSE. Significantly reduce the chances of legal action being taken against individuals and avoid hefty fines / reputational brand damage, with accurate and up to date record keeping and quick incident response.

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track trends and view incidents

Monitor and measure performance

With our customisable incident tracking dashboard, you can visualise and interrogate your incident data in real-time. Monitor your KPIs, identify, track and analyse trends, and proactively address areas that require improvement. Cement a positive safety culture by easily sharing the data and any learnings with your board, health and safety teams and colleagues.

What our customers say

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"We have almost completely eliminated paper forms from our safety processes since implementing Notify and found new ways to communicate near misses and injuries to staff. We have increased our near miss reporting by over 300% since rolling out the app to field staff. We could probably state 5-10% reduction in staff time on manual processes."

Amanda Schenkle, Manager of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk

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"Notify has transformed our approach to health and safety at Aceleron. With its unified reporting solution, we have seen a 10x increase in near misses reported, allowing us to make minor improvements and reduce the likelihood of accidents.”

Barrie Diffin, Director of Operations

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"Notify has changed how we manage our incident reporting and provides greater transparency throughout the business. It allows us to share this transparency with clients who require collaborative working, sharing good practice and lessons learned, and forming partnerships.”

Craig Lawrie, OSHE Manager

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