Our Health and Safety software is highly-configurable and as such, Notify is suitable for businesses across a range of diverse and complex sectors. To give an idea of how our technology can help Health and Safety professionals keep workers safer, healthier and more productive, the pages below show how our software and adaptable modules can cater to different sectors. We work with a huge range of clients, so we’ll frequently be adding to this page. If there’s a sector missing and you’d like to find out more, get in touch for an informal chat.


Health and Safety in the Construction is a complex process with a lot of moving parts and a large number of potential risks. Construction businesses need the best tools available to keep site workers, contractors and visitors safe. Discover how Notify can help with Health and Safety on Construction sites.

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Arts, Recreation and Leisure

We have a lot of experience of working with organisations in the Arts, Recreation and Leisure sector, so we know that keeping employees and the public safe is a varied and hugely important job. Our software has been implemented by a number of Arts, Recreation and Leisure organisations, including Alexandra Palace and London Zoo.

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Notify’s suite of reporting and management tools integrate perfectly with organisations in the Education sector. High levels of configurability across the software mean you can adapt the solution to meet the varied needs of the school, college, university or other educational institute.

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