Our smart, flexible and highly-configurable Health & Safety software is making the world safer across a range of sectors.

We're incredibly proud to work with some amazing clients around the world.


Notify works with just about every business sector – whether your workers are based in the office, at home or travelling. Our products are used in over 80 countries and our mission is to make over a billion people safer at work.

Here are just some of the sectors currently benefiting from Notify.

Health and Safety in Education sector - Notify Technology
Manufacturing and Engineering - Notify Technology

Transport & Mobility

Notify’s simple, smart software solutions help provide answers to everyday challenges faced by Health and Safety professionals across the Transport & Mobility sectors. With our Incident Management platform, workers can log close-calls, incidents, accidents in seconds via a mobile app wherever they are in the world, whether they have an internet connection or not.


Health and Safety in Construction is a complex process with a lot of moving parts and a large number of potential risks. Construction businesses need the best tools available to keep site workers, contractors and visitors safe. Discover how Notify can help with Health and Safety on Construction sites.

Manufacturing and Engineering - Notify Technology
Manufacturing and Engineering - Notify Technology


Notify’s highly-configurable and robust Health and Safety technology helps professionals in the Manufacturing sector to stay safe at work. With adaptable workflows and intuitive dashboards, the Notify solution can be implemented easily and will start making an impact right away.

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

We have experience of working with organisations in the Arts, Recreation and Leisure sector, so we know that keeping employees and the public safe is a varied and hugely important job. Our software is used by a number of Arts, Entertainment and Recreation organisations, including Alexandra Palace and London Zoo.

Health and Safety in Education sector - Notify Technology
Health and Safety in Education sector - Notify Technology


Notify’s suite of reporting and management tools integrate perfectly with organisations in the Education sector. High levels of configurability across the software mean you can adapt the solution to meet the varied needs of the school, college, university or other educational institute.



Using our smartphone and tablet apps, your teams can use Notify as part of their daily working lives – reporting near-misses, incidents and accidents, raising Health & Safety concerns and carrying out safety checks and inspections.


Health & Safety managers use Notify to investigate and follow-up incidents reported by the workforce, assign and track actions, build checklists and audits, and help keep their business compliant with Government and HSE guidelines.


Notify’s 360 degree dashboard reporting tools allow businesses to produce unlimited real-time Health & Safety management reports, saying goodbye to hefty paper trails and complex spreadsheets.


Notify client Zen Internet is an award-winning Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquartered in Rochdale, North West England.

Ayshea Robertson, HR Director, and Lee Geirnaert, Health Safety & Security Manager, at Zen spoke to Notify CEO Duncan Davies about how the company has been managing the challenges of COVID-19, and how Notify’s suite of Health & Safety software is helping them keep their workers safe and giving them peace-of-mind in the new normal.