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At Notify, we help to make people a range of different sectors, safer, healthier and more productive at work

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Enhancing safety performance across a variety of industries

Our digital SHEQ management system has been designed in collaboration with Health and Safety professionals across a diverse range of industries. Their industry knowledge, combined with our technology expertise, has allowed us to develop solutions which meet the needs of over 100 businesses in over 100 countries.

Begin your safety revolution by exploring how Notify can be implemented in your industry below:


Enhance construction site safety by reporting site hazards and near-misses in real time. Proactively manage site risks, standardise documentation and ensure compliance
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Transport and Logistics

Empower your drivers to report incidents and close calls from any location. Carry out vehicle checks from anywhere to improve fleet efficiency and to minimise downtime
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Minimise the risk of accidents and injuries occurring on your production lines. Carry out routine audits, inspections and checklists from any location to foster operational excellence
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Entertainment and Leisure

Keep employees, contractors and the general public safe with our SHEQ management system. Get peace of mind that the correct safety precautions are in place, prior to events taking place
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Food and Beverage

Confidently demonstrate compliance to the FSA with a centralised view of all SHEQ data
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What our customers say

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"The introduction of the Notify tool has provided Siemens Mobility the opportunity to fully understand EHSQ performance in real time. The tools’ ability to engage staff at every level has resulted in a positive reporting culture of not only incidents but also positive behaviours and acts. Notify aftersales care and support has been second to none.”

Colin Cox, Head of SHEQ Management Systems and Assurance

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"Notify has had a really positive benefit on our approach to H&S. We are now building up a rich data set that we can base our future safety decisions on."

Richard Bryne, Group Director HSE & Fleet

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"Notify has transformed our approach to health and safety at Aceleron. With its unified reporting solution, we have seen a 10x increase in near misses reported, allowing us to make minor improvements and reduce the likelihood of accidents.”

Barrie Diffin, Director of Operations

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