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Evidenced by our customer satisfaction score of 97% for our SHEQ software, our friendly team of experts are always here to support you on your journey towards a safer, healthier and more productive workplace

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As a SHEQ software provider and a dedicated partner, Notify will help you ensure the safety of your people, and support your compliance requirements. From initial onboarding and training to system customisation and ongoing support, we are here to solve your biggest challenges, and to ensure that you are getting the most out of our digital system.


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SHEQ Software Onboarding: Where your safety revolution begins

Begin your safety transformation with our quick onboarding process. Our team of experts understands that every organisation is unique, that’s why we’ll work hand in hand with you to understand your specific needs. Together, we’ll ensure that your transition is smooth, your H&S team is confident, and your safety procedures are seamlessly integrated.

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SHEQ Software Training: We will empower you and your team

Our SHEQ software training programmes ensure that you and your H&S teams fully understand every aspect of our software. From navigating the features to interpreting data insights, we will ensure you are equipped with the skills you need to succeed.

Customisation and configuration: Tailor the system to the way your business operates

We understand that your safety needs are as unique as your business. Our SHEQ software is designed with customisation at its core. Our team will help you create new incident types, customise incident questions, and set up your organisational structure in the system. We can even help you import data into your existing audit, checklist and inspection templates.

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Ongoing support: We have your back

Our dedicated support team is just a click away, ready to address your concerns and assist with any questions that may arise. We also offer 24/7 self-service support via our help centre.

What our customers say

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"The visual presentation of the SHEQ software platform is appealing and clear. The staff are fantastic, they listen and act upon development ideas, they help swiftly with any questions or problems. I couldn't ask for more."

Heather Fitsell, QSHE Manager

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"During our recent migration to Notify Cloud Robson Handling Technology Ltd were provided with exceptional support from Donna Crammond at Notify. We received regular catch ups and were provided with great Customer service at all times. A pleasure to work with.”

Bruce Marriot, Group Health and Safety Manager

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"Notify made the set-up process very easy and we were up and running in no time at all. The deployment to our workforce was very easy thanks to the tool being very straightforward to use. Notify also has an excellent support team, who not only responded very quickly to a couple of queries we had but who also regularly keep in touch to actively support our incident management programme."

Mark Clark, Operations Manager

Explore our SHEQ software

Safety Intelligence

View real-time safety data by site, location and event. Utilise actionable insight to prevent accidents and drive a positive safety culture
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Risk Assessments

Empower your workforce to proactively identify and control operational risks. Track activity and keep all of your employees informed
Find out more

Method Statements

Use templates to digitally create, publish and share construction phase plans, risk assessments and method statements​ (RAMS)
Find out more

Action Tracking

Obtain a centralised view of all health and safety actions across your organisation. Visualise action status via interactive dashboards
Find out more

Audits and Inspections

Create, schedule, assign and oversee all your audits, inspections and checklists. Complete checks on the go with our mobile app
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Incident Management

Digitally capture incidents in real time on any device. Speed up investigations and track corrective actions to completion
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Document Management

Store, share and easily access all of your health and safety documentation, from one central location
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