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Notify proud to partner with Singapore’s Jurong Port


Acquiring new clients and working with new partners is always an exciting time for us and we’re particularly proud to be offering our health and safety services to the world’s leading multipurpose port in Singapore. Our health and safety software technology is now being customised to suit the needs of Singapore’s Jurong Port (JP) Pte Ltd. We are excited to work with our new partner and will be supporting the port in implementing a “near miss reporting” application to improve safety for port users and employees.

Who are Jurong Port (JP) Pte Ltd

Jurong Port (JP) Pte Ltd or simply JP is a large, multipurpose port operator based serving the premier gateway for general and bulk cargo in Singapore. The company has developed a strong reputation for health and safety and is looking to further advance its protection for its workers. JP won the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Innovations Gold Award (Logistics & Transport Sector) in 2021 and teaming up with Notify Technology is an opportunity to further enhance their management of health and safety at work.

Enhanced SHEQ Platform for Mobile Reporting

Notify has a three-year appointment with JP and during this time our health and safety app will allow the Workplace Safety and Health team at the port to quickly and effectively log accidents and near-miss incidents in real time. Our app is downloadable to any mobile device and creates a much more reactive response to incidents. It is also packed with analytics features that allow managers to track outcomes, actions and trends via health and safety management dashboards.

Tracking trends and finding patterns in near-miss incidents can help inform future project planning. It also allows health and safety teams to create more effective risk assessments and put the appropriate protections in place if accident trends are identified.

Speaking on behalf of our team, our chief revenue office Gareth Cram said: “it’s our pleasure to be able to welcome Jurong Port to the Notify family and support the continued investment they’re making in their health and safety culture. Our Safety Tech and People were clearly a great fit for their team and we’re delighted they’ve chosen to join our mission of making a billion workers safer and healthier across the world.”

Helping Businesses protect their People

The health and safety of colleagues should not be an afterthought for any employer but many organisations find they don’t necessarily have the tools to ensure comprehensive health and safety management. Notify Technology can provide a platform for every aspect of health and safety from reports to risk assessmentsinspections and audits and incident management. Notify offers a smart and user-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes. If you would like more information you can book a demonstration with the team.

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