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Since creating Notify in 2017, we’ve helped a wide range of organisations to foster a positive Health and Safety culture, increase employee engagement, achieve KPIs relating to incident reporting and management and above all, help workers within those organisations to be safer at work. The case studies below explain a little more about how we’re helping businesses across multiple sectors to protect workers and make Health and Safety part of the wider business conversation.


"Notify has changed the way we manage our incident reporting and provides greater transparency throughout the whole business. It allows us to share this transparency with clients who require collaborative working, sharing good practice and lessons learned, and forming partnerships."
Craig Lawrie
QSHE Manager at Velocity
The number of reported near-misses have shot through the roof, proving that personnel are engaging positively with the app.
Incidents are reported much faster than before and are therefore dealt with more quickly.
The Notify platform highlighted many incidents relating to vehicle damage by other vehicles, operators and the environment.

Birmingham City University (BCU)

"I have worked closely with the team at Notify, and thus far, implementation has been very successful.  The app is so simple to use that students, colleagues, and third parties are happy to spend a minute to submit a report. Coupled with internal communications to encourage use, we've seen a fantastic rise in submitted reports, which helps myself and the team keep all at BCU safe. "
Simon Dunn
Head of Health and Safety at Birmingham City University
Notify is now available to every student, staff member and visitor, allowing them to provide invaluable information into accidents and near-misses.
To date, reports have increased tenfold since adopting Notify, with Simon and the team much busier- in a good way! 
Notify platform provides Simon and the team with the ability to investigate, identify trends and crucially, take action on issues as quickly as possible. 

ZSL (Zoological Society of London)

"We have found Notify easy to use and therefore, an easy sell across the organisation to colleagues. Employees are engaged with Health and Safety and willing to report on things in a way they couldn’t before, providing us with valuable information to help us further protect our employees, volunteers and visitors. Notify is great for multi-site organisations, and we can now see reports coming in from our UK Zoos and project as well as international offices, helping us to continually evaluate the diverse nature of risk and incident over different sites. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Notify and look forward to continued use of the software.” "
Ian Stacey CMIOSH
Head of Health, Safety & Security at ZSL
Employee engagement has improved and reports are submitted simply and efficiently, ensuring workers feel able to flag near-misses and incidents securely and confidentially, in various languages.
The data collected so far is useful for reviewing trends and themes that can be used to impact the safety culture for the benefit of all stakeholders and visitors to sites around the world.
The ZSL Health and Safety team picked up the Barry Holt Award for Outstanding Risk Practice at the IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards, a testament to their forward-thinking approach and the commitment to build a safer ZSL.

Alexandra Palace

"I’m really happy with Notify, it has allowed us to collect clear data and identify risks and trends within the organisation, to protect our visitors and staff as best we can. The app works well and is simple to use, which has helped us better implement the tool across the business, encouraging accountability at a management level too. We’re actively working with the Notify team to give insights into how the tool could improve over time and I’m looking forward to future developments which will make the platform even more useful to us at Alexandra Palace.”"
Graeme Timms
Head of Health and Safety
Substantial data collected across the organisation regarding incidents and accidents, helping Ally Pally to highlight risk and identify trends.
Access to the platform even when Health and Safety staff are off-site, ensuring they're always in-the-know and constantly in touch.
Ability to encourage consistency in reporting across managers and teams, to ensure proactive measures are in place and risk is managed at a strategic level.

Travis Perkins plc.

"Well done for getting the new incident reporting system up and operational. It has been on the Travis Perkins list of things to do for over three years so for you and the team to deliver it in such a short time is brilliant – you should be really proud. Please pass on my personal thanks to all the team that have been involved."
Frank Elkin
Divisional Chief Executive Officer
Notify has helped to minimise risk and ensure that Travis Perkins staff are as safe as possible whilst carrying out their work.
Allows users to submit incidents from any web-enabled device and via a smartphone app in under sixty seconds, with a time saving of 30%.
A four-fold increase in near-miss reports across several Travis Perkins’ divisions, protecting over 30,000 workers.

Isle of Man Government

"We decided to use Notify as the initial meetings proved to be very productive; the Notify team listened to our requirements and concerns and produced a clear specification. The project has been a great success and we have been very happy with the service provided by Notify."
Jason Poyzer
Technical Project Manager, Department of Infrastructure
The Isle of Man Government was looking for a centralised way for the public to report issues such as potholes to its Infrastructure department.
We were able to provide the Isle of Man Government with an iPhone and Android app and a secure website, allowing the general public to document issues
This now allows the Isle of Man Government to prioritise and resolve reported problems as efficiently as possible.

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