How Zen Internet are proactively reducing risk, with a centralised view of safety data

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Notify transformed our safety culture from scattered paperwork to a streamlined, tailored system, saving invaluable time and ensuring comprehensive safety management."

Lee Geirnaert, Health, Safety and Security Manager


Zen is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with over 550 employees and offer various broadband and connectivity solutions for both residential and business customers. They were established in 1995 in Rochdale (which is where they are still based), and are known for their customer service, reliability, and focus on providing high-quality internet services, including broadband, fibre optic broadband, leased lines, and cloud services. Zen pride themselves on their customer-centric approach, and they aim to deliver not only reliable internet connectivity, but also excellent customer support, which is evidenced by their growing award cabinet.


Before partnering with Notify, Zen’s Health and Safety was managed via paper-based processes. This was very time consuming and due to the manual effort involved, it was often an afterthought for many employees. Reviewing any Health and Safety documentation was also a challenge, as some documents were being copied and uploaded to a PC, some weren’t. This caused a logistical nightmare internally, especially when it came to finding audits.


Notify came highly recommended to Zen, as a trusted Health and Safety software partner. After an initial review of the system, it was clear to see that it was is a readily available solution, for all companies who have historically used pen and paper to manage their Health and Safety processes. Notify could also be adapted to help Zen deliver their Health and Wellbeing objectives, making it feel like a bespoke piece of software.

Ayshea Robertson – People and Culture Director / CPO at Zen commented:

“The health and wellbeing agenda has progressed significantly over the past few years, not least due to the impact of the global pandemic. This key area is no longer simply a duty of care issue; it is a business critical and fundamental component of company culture, which aids talent attraction and retention. The safety of our people is an integral part of our Health & Wellbeing strategy at Zen, and it was important for us to ensure that we had good ‘tech’ to help us deliver our health and wellbeing objectives and keep our people safe. Notify has provided us with a flexible and accessible way of integrating safety and wellbeing into our everyday life and culture.”

Zen now use Notify throughout all aspects of their safety management process, from DSE Assessments and Staff Medicals to Safety Audits, Risk Assessments and Incident Management. The time Notify saves Zen is invaluable, and it allows their Health and Safety team to review everything in one place, making it easy to identify improvement opportunities.


Zen use Notify for Incident Management, Audits and Inspections, Risk Assessments, Actions and Safety Intelligence.

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