How Aceleron Energy generated a 10x increase in near miss reporting

Worker carrying out safety checks

Notify has transformed our approach to health and safety at Aceleron. With its unified reporting solution, we have seen a significant increase in near misses reported, allowing us to make minor improvements and reduce the likelihood of accidents. The ease of reporting and the positive culture it has built have benefited our employees, wider stakeholders and partners."

Barrie Diffin, Director of Operations


Aceleron aim to be the world leader in differentiated, circular economy energy storage technology, and will do this by providing affordable and accessible energy storage solutions to communities around the world. The company believes that access to reliable and affordable energy is crucial for social and economic development, and aims to contribute to the global transition towards renewable energy sources.

Aceleron has around 20 employees and is a headquarters in Birmingham, UK. They also have employees in other countries, such as Kenya and Uganda where they have implemented energy storage projects in collaboration with local organisations.


As a small business, Aceleron’s approach to Health and Safety could have been described as more reactive than proactive. There had been a large emphasis on legislative compliance in the world of batteries and a focus on safety, but when it came to documentation and structure, they were using traditional Word or Excel based Risk Assessments and then manually saving them to SharePoint. There was no mechanism for recording near misses or positive observations to reinforce and establish good practice. As they weren’t easy to find, reviews were easily forgotten and rarely accessed by the wider team.


The Health and Safety team selected Notify based on feature comparison and ease of adoption in large organisations. Their previous awareness of the system was a major factor in quickly implementing Notify within the company. Using the free trial also helped encourage adoption prior to onboarding. Notify enabled a unified Health and Safety reporting solution across all teams within Aceleron. The ease of reporting on a near miss, or an incident via the app, has really simplified the process, leading to a significant increase in near miss reporting. This in turn, has allowed Aceleron to make minor improvements based on the near miss information and data, thus reducing the likelihood of an accident or incident occurring in the future.


Before Notify was implemented, Aceleron only reported a handful of near misses each year. Within the first year of using Notify, the number of near misses being reported by the team rose to nearly 50, easily a 10x increase in activity.

Aceleron use Notify for Incident Management, Audits and Inspections, Risk Assessments, and Action Tracking.


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