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Notify has been a resounding success by integrating with our existing systems and by creating a more open, transparent and auditable platform for our management processes. It has also ensured that key legislative health and safety paperwork is secure, backed up instantly and retrievable from any of our sites or offices, mitigating a key business risk.”

Phil Howe, Contracts Director


StructEco are a principal contractor operating in across the north of England. They specialise in new build, refurbishment and fit out across a range of sectors including; residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality and leisure. They currently have around 17 employees working from their office and their lives sites.


Prior to using Notify, StructEco relied on on-site internet connections, laptops and printers for their paper-based health and safety processes. Their systems were robust due to their ISO accreditations, however, the manual data collection and entry, and the over-reliance on paper, meant that reports were sometimes missed due to the temporary nature of some of their sites. They also found that there was a business risk with regard to ensuring proper filing, and data protection on sites as a result of using paper forms and procedures.


StructEco selected Notify as it was clear from the initial meeting that their digital SHEQ management system could mitigate and resolve the issues they were experiencing. There was also a willingness to collaborate with StructEco to customise elements of the software to ensure it worked for their specific requirements, such as live data for permits and inductions. StructEco now have visibility over all of the reports being carried out across their sites, helping to proactively ensure site safety whilst saving time on manual processes such as printing, filing and locating paperwork.


StructEco use Notify for Incident Management, Audits and Inspections and Safety Intelligence.

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