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About Product Care Group

Product Care Group are a manufacturer of domestic appliances, under license to Russell Hobbs, as well as some of their own brands. They sell direct to end users, or to end users through retailer owned e-platforms, as well as to retailers such as high street stores. Their aim is to be a top competitor in this field for a long time to come, and they have grown rapidly over the last 12/13 years going from 6 employees up to 230 UK based employees. They also have an office in China which employs 12 people who manage our relationships with the suppliers of components, and the factories that build our products.

The Challenge

Prior to using Notify, Product Care Group managed its health and safety administrative processes via Word, Excel and shared network folder-based mechanisms for recording information, as well as other software platforms which proved ill-suited to our needs. These methods resulted in the time consuming cross-collation and reporting of information, as well as hindering the reporting of near-miss events and safety observations. These challenges led to disparity in the way reports, audits and risk assessments were conducted, and on occasion led to time-heavy resources in verifying our management systems’ effectiveness.

Within a short time of going live, Notify has erased these challenges and difficulties, and now allow for easier reporting and collating of information, as well as presenting a more accurate picture in relation to our health and safety performance

The Solution

Product Care Group selected Notify due to it’s ease of use and intuitive mobile apps. It’s range of customisable features such as incident types, as well as its tailorable licensing set-up, has allowed Product Care Group to create an organisation-focused approach for complete and effective reporting and investigation of events. Notify has made it easy for employees to report the right information in a consistent manner, and it has enabled their audit teams to effectively manage safety checks. Automating the scheduling process of reoccurring audits has also increased efficiency and ensured that all audits are completed on time.

The Results

“Notify is simple and intuitive to use. Audit planning is a doddle, as is setting up template forms and dependable questions. The risk assessments are also very easy and quick to set up. Notify also has clearly presented dashboards that allow us to easily interrogate and drill down into data.”

Greg Webb, Group Risk and Compliance Manager

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