How a digital system helped Cornelius prevent accidents and injuries

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Notify is an easy-to-use system which enables you to visualise, interrogate and act upon all of your safety data, from one central location. You can monitor KPI performance, drill down into specific data sets and speed up your trend analysis process for informed decision-making.”

Carne Willsher, Manufacturing Site Health and Safety Manager


Cornelius is an independent manufacturer and distributor of raw materials, ingredients and speciality chemicals for the life sciences and performance chemicals sectors.


Prior to using Notify, Cornelius relied on traditional paper-based systems to manage their health and safety processes. As a result, safety information was typically spread across various documents, forms and reports, making it challenging to access and consolidate data for analysis, reporting, or informed decision-making. Additionally, Cornelius faced difficulties in getting their staff actively involved in safety initiatives due to the time-consuming manual data entry required for capturing and reporting incidents and near-misses.


Cornelius selected Notify based on their ability to create customised dashboards to reflect their business needs. Utilising all their safety data in one central location, Cornelius can now identify trends and proactively manage and reduce risks. Through proactive engagement with their staff, and with the introduction of Notify’s user-friendly mobile app, Cornelius experienced a significant improvement in employee participation resulting in a steady increase in the reporting of near-miss incidents. Additional reports created more learning opportunities, ultimately helping to prevent future accidents and injuries.


Cornelius use Notify for Incident Management, Actions and Safety Intelligence.

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