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Employing around 100 people, Fourway specialise in telecommunications, building services and systems infrastructure. They predominantly operate in the UK rail industry but also serve other transport sectors such as airports and roads.

“There’s a very quick response from Notify to the individual raising incidents to indicate that someone at Notify is taking it seriously and has done something about it.”

Adrian Morrey, Head of HSQE, Fourway

Adrian Morrey, Head of HSQE, Fourway

Q&A with Adrian Morrey, Head of HSQE, Fourway

Were there any problems or issues that you faced before joining us at Notify? What prompted you to consider a digital platform?

When I first started with Fourway communication, they had already started their journey with Notify. However, they only had five licences at the time, so all the notifications raised filtered through to one recipient.

That was impractical, as it meant that the system couldn’t be used effectively, so I quickly purchased a number of additional licences. We have around 25 now, so all our project managers receive automated emails and notifications when any incidents are logged in their particular site. We are now getting between 20-40 notifications each week.

I’ve been present on some of the upgrade briefings that Neilson has led and I can see what the opportunities are. I need to find the time to implement these.

What was your transition to Notify like? What was it like when you first started using the system?

As I wasn’t involved in the initial specification of what we required, I came into it as a brand new newbie into the administrator role. I had an induction with Paul and he took me through the process showed me everything he needed to show me. I need to brush up with some of the upgrades and enhancements that have been put in place recently.

How well do you think the rest of your team have adapted to Notify?

My team are significantly, should we say, younger than I am and are very familiar with digital platforms so they dived straight in; they understand how to use the apps but haven’t really been exposed to the administrative side of the system.

Have you seen any improvements in your safety culture since you’ve used Notify?

Since we realised that obtaining more licences would give us more control of the close-out process, observations or any incidents that are raised, it has helped improve how often people use Notify.

In my first few months with Fourway, we had a target of 1 notification for every thousand hours worked and we were regularly achieving that target, but not blowing it out of the water; once we started increasing our licences we changed that target to 1 notification in every 200 hours worked and we were meeting that.

What value has Notify brought you?

There’s a very quick response from Notify to the individual raising incidents to indicate that someone at Notify is taking it seriously and has done something about it.

When there was just a central point that was receiving all the notifications, that action was somewhat dampened down because that person then had to communicate with the project team, then onto their project team and then they would be able to respond and do something – it was clumsy and didn’t work properly, so getting the extra licences helped it to work properly.

I do believe it has helped as when people raise issues and then see the actions being undertaken as a result of that the safety culture is improved.

We haven’t seen a massive increase in terms of the amount of accidents raised because we are a low accident community anyway. The company gets involved in quite technical installations with communications equipment and CCTV cameras etc., and it requires a certain calibre of person to be able to install that, so you tend to find that that generic group of people are a lot less accident prone than other trades.

Has Notify helped you save time?

Yes, I’ll refer to my previous answer. The fact we bought extra licences itself to save time has helped me free up my resources. We also utilise the system for nominating people for awards which are considered by our board, we make a proposal and it’s always accepted.

Is there a particular Notify feature you like most?

I don’t think there’s one I like the most. I like all the features I’ve access to at the moment and I’m still learning – there’s probably features that I’ve not even delved into yet.

What would be your message to others considering Notify?

My recommendation would be to go through the onboarding process from an administrator perspective. Use it for a couple of weeks and then ask to cover specific things which you may need to clarify as an actual user.