How Regional Water Authority generated a 300% increase in near-miss reporting

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The use of Notify in our safety programme has created efficiencies at an affordable cost for our organisation. Their mobile app has also allowed our staff to report near-misses easily and proactively, helping to reduce the likelihood of potential accidents occurring in the future.”

Amanda Schenkle, Manager of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk


Regional Water Authority is a Public Water utility company based in New Haven, CT, USA. They provide high quality drinking water to approximately 430,000 people and employ 275 employees ranging from treatment operators, construction crews, plumbers and general office staff.


Prior to using Notify, many of the systems used by RWA relied heavily on paper forms and non-mobile compatible IT solutions. As a result, staff members (particularly those in the field) found it both challenging and time consuming to report incidents, near-misses and positive safety observations.


RWA selected Notify as it empowered their field staff to easily report safety concerns to the health and safety team, without burdening them with additional user names and passwords. The mobile first application also provided a range of convenient features, such as geo-tagging and remembered user information, making reporting a breeze for their employees. By implementing Notify, RWA have successfully eliminated the need for paper forms in their safety processes, and they have discovered innovative ways to communicate incidents, injuries and lessons learned to all of their staff.


Regional Water Authority use Notify for Incident Management, Audits and Inspections, Action Tracking and Safety Intelligence.

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