Risk Assessments Software

Create digital risk assessments

Schedule review dates

Assign and track actions

Identify and control workplace hazards

Notify’s Risk Assessments software is the ultimate addition to your organisation’s Health & Safety system.

Risk Assessments (NotifyRA) is the third module to launch and turns our software into a complete Health, Safety & Wellbeing management and reporting tool.

The introduction of Risk Assessments, when combined with our IM and AI modules, means you can manage incidents and accidents, design audits, checklists and safety inspections, and carry out one-off or repeating Risk Assessments – all via one Health & Safety system and associated apps.

That means that Notify can help you move towards ISO45001 compliance with our Plan > Do > Check > Act  approach.


Create and share risk assessments via our cloud-based system

Identify risks and workplace hazards

Assign risk control measures

Log risk, severity and probability scores

Assign actions to other users within your organisation

Create your own organisation structure and compare departments, regions or locations

Export Risk Assessments as PDFs