Notify designs bespoke health and safety software for Cazoo

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Aug 26, 2022 | Blog, News

Notify Technology is proud to develop bespoke products for clients of all sizes, and our agreement with Cazoo, the leading car retailer, is an exciting example of this. We have recently designed specifically configured health and safety software for Cazoo to help them prioritise and focus on the health and safety of colleagues across their teams.

Notify has delivered and implemented Incident Management and Action Tracking across the UK’s Cazoo operations. The software has been configured specifically to Cazoo and the incident types most likely to occur on their premises. This allows the customer to collect the right levels of data at incident level and act instantly and effectively in the event of an accident or incident.

Custom-Designed SHEQ Platform

We designed and customised our health and safety management platform to suit the specific needs of Cazoo. It enables Single Sign-On (SSO) for users through secure user authentication but critically centres on speed, accuracy and ease of use, minimising training needs while optimising incident management and a proactive approach to safety.
Supporting our customers to create safer working environments for their employees is central to what we do. Our platform ensures Cazoo can easily manage incidents and also track and recognise any patterns or trends they may need to update their risk assessments or change their approach to safety in particular areas.

Discussing the new partnership, our chief revenue officer, Gareth Cram, said, “Delivering for Cazoo has been an enjoyable experience for us. The different levels of health and safety risks that Cazoo has to manage across its business are well addressed by our Safety Tech. We have customised the platform specific to Cazoo’s needs, providing them with our Extended Dashboards module, which gives them real-time reporting across event types against all areas of their business. We very much look forward to supporting the Cazoo team with their Health and Safety aspirations as we move forward.”

Market Leading Health and Safety Software

We always work closely with our clients to establish their needs precisely. Cazoo’s business covers many different areas, and this means the level of risk varies greatly. Our platform allows them to effectively manage real-time reporting across different incident and event types. All our clients can benefit from a customised approach to health and safety with the right mix of Notify platforms. Our mission to make a billion people safer at work gets closer with every new customer. Get in touch to see what Notify can do for your business, and book a demo for free.

Our Solutions

Notify’s, health, safety, environmental and quality management software is a fast and simple way to digitalise and automate your end-to-end health, safety, and environmental processes. From Incident Management, Audits and Inspections to Risk Assessments we’ve got you covered. To find out more book a demonstration with the team.