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As a leader in transport solutions, Siemens Mobility shapes connected mobility. The mobility environment is being shaped by three megatrends: climate change, population growth and digitalisation. These trends demand for seamless, sustainable, reliable, and secure mobility solutions to ensure a high quality of life for 9.6 billion people worldwide by 2050. And those people will aspire for seamless transportation from the first to the last mile. Digitalisation is helping Siemens Mobility to master these trends and continuously transform the way we travel across rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, intelligent traffic systems, related services, and turnkey projects – to shape the future of mobility.

“The introduction of the Notify tool has provided Siemens Mobility the opportunity to fully understand EHSQ performance in real time. The tools’ ability to engage staff at every level has resulted in a positive reporting culture of not only incidents but also positive behaviours and acts. Notify after sales care and support has been second to none.”

Colin Cox, Head of EHS – Siemens Rail Systems

Client case study from Colin Cox, Head of EHS – Siemens Rail Systems

The problem / issues you were faced with 

“Within Siemens Mobility Limited, several legacy event reporting and audit systems existed. The desire was for a single system that could cater for all requirements, with an added criterion around ensuring it was fully accessible on smart devices to suit the varied working environments of our employees so they are able to add, view and receive feedback on events in real time.”

How did you get started with Notify?

“Notify was known to the business and a trial was instigated to establish its ability to deliver the required criteria.”

Why you chose Notify over other solutions

“The need to have flexibility, scalability and configurability within the system to deliver the key requirements was an essential element in working with Notify to deliver an operational system in a short timeframe. The ability to engage with Notify and their development team was fundamental in the swift delivery and implementation of the new system. After sales care and support has been second to none.”

How Notify solved the existing problem / issues

“Interaction with account managers and service support have been exceptional and it is this personal relationship feel which has enabled the ability to shape and deliver our initial and subsequent requitements. This is also coupled with a Notify supported user group (NPAC) allowing clients to suggest, discuss and vote on future direction and shape of system enhancements and quarterly upgrades.”

The value / ROI that Notify has brought to your organisation

“The ability for managers to evaluate and investigate their own departments EHSQ event reporting and audit performance via a configurable user profile has been invaluable. This frees up EHSQ advisors to focus on delivering other value add projects but also allow them to monitor, assist and support management in their EHSQ journey. From a business perspective we can now see across all BU’s and compare ‘apples with apples’ and begin a journey of focused interventions and campaigns based on solid and consistent data. Senior management visibility of performance is now readily available via the web interface and extended dashboards – and now crucially based in real-time.”

Notify & Siemens : A Collaborative Approach

Below are examples of how Notify and Siemens have worked together to create a customised version of our Incident Management app, and configurable, filterable dashboards to harness the power of the data collected via the Notify platform.

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The Notify Incident Management app customised for Siemens

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Incidents by Category dashboard.

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Incidents By Month dashboard

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Incidents by Count Type dashboard.

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Incidents By Status dashboard