Audits, Checklists & Inspections

  • Design and complete safety checklists

  • Manage one-off or repeating inspections

  • Develop audit questionnaires

  • Collaborate across your organisation

Easily create checklists and manage audits and safety inspections for your organisation.

Notify Audits & Inspections (NotifyAI) provides a configurable interface that allows users to build and manage repeating or one-off safety checks. Combined with a powerful workflow, the module ensures that actions can be allocated and automatically chased.

Users are also able to define scoring matrixes that allow benchmarking across the organisation. The Notify AI mobile app can then be used to complete audits on the go, wherever you are in the world – at work, at home, anywhere!

That means you can say goodbye to paper-based audits, manual checklists and complicated spreadsheets!


  • Create checklists and audit templates via your NotifyAI account
  • Choose how you want to categorise your audit templates
  • Complete your checks and inspections via desktop or the Audits app
  • Ensure workers are working safely and workplaces are COVID-compliant
  • Assign actions to other users within your organisation
  • Schedule and share with colleagues
  • Set up workflows so that alerts and reminders are issued to colleagues
  • Measure performance, track trends and action insight with Notify’s dashboards
  • Visualise and report on Audits and Action data in your preferred analytics tool
  • Create your own organisation structure and compare departments, regions or locations
  • Generate unlimited real-time reports


Our smart app works hand in hand with your AI account, allowing your teams to complete audits, safety inspections and checklists on the go.

The app is controlled by user login

Build simple Yes/No checklists

Audits can be completed anywhere

Quickly view audit progress

Cloud Dashboard & Reporting

Cloud Dashboard & Reporting

Once you’ve started completing audits, checklists and inspections across your organisation, your NotifyAI account allows you to manage everything in one place.

You can say goodbye to paper-based audits and benefit from a fully digital and mobile-first system.

You can also:

  • View audits by location or department
  • Edit, cancel, close or re-open an audit
  • Export as a PDF or print
  • Add actions to one or multiple audits
  • Assign action responsibility to colleagues
  • Generate unlimited real-time reports and share data securely