Where is your business on the Health & Safety journey? 

Does this sound like your business?

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  • Our workforce isn’t engaged with Health & Safety

  • Employees are not encouraged to report near misses and incidents

  • Where reports are made, information isn’t passed on, or isn’t understood

  • We don’t have a dedicated safety person in the business

  • Our safety policy isn’t written down and published

  • We are not carrying out evidenced risk assessments

  • We’re taking insufficient action to fully comply with the law


Does this sound like your business?

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  • There is a tendency to think safety is ‘someone else’s (often the safety manager’s) job’
  • We have poor reporting history on near misses, accidents, and plant damage and it seems that lessons are not being learned
  • Safety reports that have been made are not stored in the right place and regularly go missing
  • We’ve seen delays in product and production schedules as a result of safety issues
  • We’re not carrying out periodic inspections
  • The business is experiencing a high / growing number of Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) and we’ve had to reorganise shifts due to safety incidents in the last 6 months
  • We’ve recently been served with an Improvement Notice or Prohibition Order


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  • We’re putting in place clearly established roles and responsibilities for key people and job holders
  • We still waste time and money trying to make corrective actions “stick”, and we regularly lose track of actions altogether
  • Our managers have started to challenge unsafe behaviours
  • We’ve lost out on tenders as we weren’t able to provide information regarding our safety performance and management
  • Performance is being measured and we are now looking to learn from events when things do go wrong
  • We’re getting our documentation in good shape
  • We regularly undertake safety training with our workforce
  • We still struggle to get everyone in the company engaged in safety


Does this sound like your business?

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  • We’re accredited to ISO9001 and / or 45001
  • We use benchmarking to compare performance across the business
  • We’re working with our supply chain to encourage them to improve Health & Safety
  • Our contractors adhere to the same safety standards as our employees
  • We focus too much on the negative aspects of safety behaviours
  • We have basic feedback mechanisms for Health & Safety matters e.g. suggestion boxes
  • We could do more to support employees in reporting mental health events
  • Lessons learned and good practices are shared internally and externally
  • We’re not really using data to help drive safety initiatives and continuous improvement across the whole business
  • Our investors and board want us to “up our game” with safety & wellbeing