NotifyIt is our free-forever near-miss reporting app, available to all using Apple and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play. In 2017 we began our #SafetyRevolution, empowering people around the globe to report near-misses in seconds via the app. It’s this swift functionality and ease that’s helping organisations protect workers, visitors and contractors alike.

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We're aiming to have 2.2 million users of NotifyIt...

That’s the same number of people killed in the workplace across the globe. A scary statistic.

NotifyIt was created to empower workers to play their part in making the workplace safer for all, by making it simple and fast to report near-misses and incidents, through smart technology that’s accessed through their smartphone or tablet.

Our platform is secure and completely eliminates the need for paper-based reporting processes, by keeping a real-time record of what’s reported and the actions ongoing to mitigate future risk.

See It, NotifyIt, Fix It.

Cyber Essentials Notify Technology is proud to be Cyber Essentials certified.

Why it's awesome:

Increase Engagement

NotifyIt makes reporting near-misses and incidents super easy for all. This helps to increase employee engagement with Health and Safety process, by making the tools as simple to use as possible to empower users to actually, well, use them. Many of our clients have seen a steep increase in the number of near-misses reported, simply because the process of reporting is far easier with NotifyIt.

See It, NotifyIt. Fix It.

Identify Risk

When more and more people within the organisation feel at ease submitting reports, the Health and Safety Manager within the organisation has access to substantial data that paper processes just cannot compete with in terms of identifying risk. Paired with Notify’s Incident Management (Notify IM) functionality, managers on the platform can do more complex things like record accidents, perform audits and inspections, generate alerts and benefit from insightful reporting tools.

Recognise Trends

NotifyIt helps Health and Safety professionals to identify trends in data and build up insights to better identify risk, which is a huge step towards a safer working environment. Our intelligent platform presents data in a way that incites action, by showing areas of accident frequency, lost-time incidents and more, to help spot trends that can drive positive impact across the organisation.  Having this data available can be incredibly powerful when seeking to implement new processes – or even moving from NotifyIt to NotifyIM to benefit from even further insight.

How it works:

Step 1
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Download our free app on the App Store or Google Play store and get it set up on your smartphone or tablet. You can also use NotifyIt online and can connect to a work email address to receive alerts when actions take place relating to the incident/near-miss reported.

Step 2
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Report a near-miss when it happens via the app, which works even when you don’t have an internet connection. You can add photos to your report, along with simple geo-tagging to associate a location to the incident/near-miss.

Step 3
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NotifyIt alerts the right person in an instant with an email message containing the near-miss details including images if submitted. From here, the appropriate person can take the required action and deal with the risk quickly.

Step 4
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Set tasks and manage the process of incident management through the secure Notify platform, with alerts to let the member of staff who submitted the incident report to see that their contribution has been taken seriously, thus strengthening trust and engagement.

Additional Features

Its Simple

Easy drop down selections mean you collect accurate data . We’ve created a set of options that users can quickly choose from to describe the near-miss.

Take Photos

A picture speaks a thousand words, and NotifyIt lets you tell the full story using photographs straight from your mobile device.

Accurate Location

Use NotifyIt to pinpoint your location. Select location on our map, or search for an address.


Notify colleagues and your Health & Safety team in an instant, using your standard email software.

Getting you From Good to Great

NotifyIt can form the basis of your quality system. Reduce your risks by creating an audit trail and showing you capture information in real-time and that you’re able to respond quickly.


Start to understand your near-miss trends and take action to help make your colleagues safer.

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Incident Management

Notify Incident Management (Notify IM) enables users to record incidents, accidents and near-misses in seconds via a mobile app and secure website. Our smart platform ensures items are tracked through to resolution, giving you the data you need to track trends and educate your organisation.

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Audit & Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections (Notify AI) provides a configurable interface that allows users to build and manage repeating or one-off events. Combined with a powerful workflow, the module ensures that actions can be allocated and automatically chased.

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Cyber Essentials Notify Technology is proud to be Cyber Essentials certified.