Notify IM Trial

To help even more organisations around the globe and continue our #SafetyRevolution, we’ve created our entry-level Incident Management platform, Notify IM.

Designed to help even the smallest organisation drive immediate safety improvements through smart technology, Notify IM boasts simple incident reporting, dynamic action tracking and an intuitive dashboard, helping Health and Safety professionals to collect, analyse and utilise data generated through incident reports, and gain a better understanding of Health and Safety across the organisation. 

Notify IM allows users to create customised alerts and use Notify’s dynamic action tracking to ensure that the ‘free-learning events’ generated through reviewing incidents on NotifyIt are captured and turned into actionable tasks.  What’s more, Notify’s intuitive dashboards to keep an eye on trends and deeper insights into the most important safety issues across the organisation.

So you can understand what Notify IM can do, we offer a 14-day Free Trial. Simply submit your details through the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to get you set-up!