How to influence and develop a strong health and safety culture

As a safety professional, you know that workplace safety is paramount to the success of any organisation. But did you know that creating a positive safety culture can not only reduce accidents and injuries but it can also help boost employee engagement and productivity? By prioritising safety and building a culture of “safety first”, you’re setting your organisation up for success and propelling it to new heights of prosperity.

Watch our latest webinar and hear from our panel of experts: Richard Byrne – Group HSE & Fleet Director, Travis Perkins, Jayne Archbold – Chief People Officer, Genii Software Group / CEO, Iptor and Duncan Davies – CEO, Notify Technology, as we explore the importance of leadership in setting the tone for a safe work environment, and the role of communication and employee involvement in building a positive and long-lasting safety culture.

Key takeaways from this interactive panel discussion include:

  • Strategies and best practices for developing and maintaining a strong safety culture.
  • The role of leadership, communication, and employee involvement in promoting safety.
  • The latest trends and technologies in workplace safety and how they can be utilised to promote a positive and proactive “safety first” environment.

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