Transport & Mobility – The smart way to manage Health & Safety.

Notify’s smart safety software supports organisations and users across road, rail, sea and air transport and maintenance, along with the logistics sector.

If you’re in the business of helping to transport people or goods around the world, Notify can help you identify your safety blind spots, maintain immediate and proactive safety communication with your workforce wherever they are working, and deliver improved compliance. Whatever language your people speak, and whatever their role, our simple, powerful software is easy to learn and quick to operate.

Notify software delivers a safety management system aligned to the principles of Plan | Do | Check | Act. Select the module that is most appropriate to your requirements. Each module operates independently but can also be combined to create the solution to you’re your organisation.

Why is safety management crucial to the Transport & Mobility sector?


shipping incidents in 2019 – up 5% year on year.


cost of ramp incidents a airports per year.


workforece injuries on the mainline in 2018-2019.


of road deaths across Europe are business drivers.

Reduce accidents, close-calls, near misses and lost time. Increase the wellbeing of your workforce.

Notify’s smart software (link) ensures that your entire workforce can report unsafe events, injuries, close calls, positive observations and environmental incidents in seconds via a mobile app, wherever they are in the world. In addition to reporting safety events (link), regular checks and audits (link) can also be completed by managers with everything coordinated and reported on the Notify management portal.  User-friendly dashboards and notifications help walk managers through the investigation process and ensure that corrective actions are managed and tracked globally. 

Notify provides immediate visibility and assurance that those working on the front line are safe and those accountable are compliant.

 Notify’s customers manage safety, not only for their direct workforce, but also for contractors, suppliers and members of the public. Our software is fully customisable and has been developed alongside sector members of the Notify Product Advisory Council. This unique structure allows us to capture specific feedback from our Transport & Mobility clients and develop the Notify platform to ever more closely fit their specific needs.

We understand positive reporting is becoming increasingly key to developing a strong safety culture. Notify accommodates the ability to report a ‘positive observation’ or ‘good spots’, helping you to drive maximum engagement across your business.

And it’s not just physical safety that impacts performance, it’s mental health and aspects such as fatigue. This is why Notify includes the ability to allow employees and managers to report instances of mental health events. Our clients also use Notify to report and track Covid related incidents and concerns.

When it comes to improving standards in regulated sectors, Notify’s Audits & Inspections module provides simple features that will allow you to track results right down to the level of a specific standard. This can be used for internal auditing processes but also as a way of managing your subcontractors. For our client Siemens Mobility, compliance was key reason for choosing the Audits & Inspections module. We worked with them to define what good processes look like and then developed Notify’s Action Tracker module to include ISO standards and clauses that can be linked to overall standards. 

If you need to capture Environmental events and reporting, this is simply added to the configuration. Notify is not only positive for the environment by eliminating your use of paper – we can support how you are impacting it!

Data above taken from a case study on Notify client, Travis Perkins PLC.

Our Transport & Mobility sector clients

Notify has active clients in the following areas:

  • Track and Road signalling
  • Rolling Stock manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacture
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Road maintenance
  • Footpath maintenance
  • Logistics & Fleet
  • Distribution Centres & Warehouses
  • Ports / Shipping / Freeports
  • Planes / airports

Why do organisations in Transport & Mobility use Notify?

Engagement & culture 

Where organisations have remote workers, it’s so important to build a culture where each individual recognises their own role to play in safety. Notify is mobile-first technology, which means we start with the workforce in mind. Making software simple to use and engaging is critical.

Notify helps embed a great safety culture, first by making it cost effective for every employee to report a safety event. Nobody is excluded from reporting anything. We then ensure the reporter is thanked for submitting a report and can track it to completion.

We also make sure that a supervisor, manager or member of the safety team is able to share feedback directly with the reporter via the Notify platform.

Notify empowers the organisation to create and track corrective actions. These smart actions can be allocated to anyone – inside or outside the organisation – and ensure the activities that need to be carried out are automatically tracked and managed.

Finally, if an investigation if required, the Notify platform ensures the employee is informed of the outcome. Knowing they contributed to making themselves and their colleagues safer is a great way to increase engagement. 

This is why many Notify clients report an increase of 10X in near miss (or close call) reporting since using the platform.

Eliminating paper and paperwork

Even some of the largest and most successful transport and mobility companies continue to use paper as part of their safety management systems. Not only is this bad for the environment but it is more costly and adds to the risk of information getting missed or lost.

A digital platform means that events and information can be tracked in real time. If you have a worker near a railway line and there’s an issue, you don’t want to wait until they can file a report, with Notify they can report instantly from their mobile. Similarly a worker on a remote stretch of road can just use our safety app to report not only the incident, but their exact GPS location.

Within Notify, there’s the ability to add escalations and alerts based on the safety event type. You can ensure senior managers and directors hear about serious incidents in real time, not when information is already appearing on social media.

Data insights

High performing organisations in the Transport & Mobility sector understand the value of data and how to use leading indicators to predict and prevent future issues.

With Notify, managers see only the data that is relevant to their part of the organisation, but also provides the means for them to share best practice around the teams. Safety professionals can track safety data and easily report trends to their boards. Notify can also support with regulatory reporting e.g. to the RSSB, along with the basic reporting around LTIs and AFRs.

Being a technology company, Notify is constantly aware of things that can support future safety improvements. For example, from heat maps that simply visualise issues and events, to event-based rules that allow the software to direct a reported safety event to the right people at the right time.

Saving time

Transport & Mobility is a highly operationalised sector where time is critical; SLAs are never far away and yet safety has to be high on the agenda.

Notify helps you, your managers, supervisors and your whole workforce save time.
From the speed it takes to report an event, investigate or assign actions, everything is designed to make things quick and easy for users.

With minimal training and time we have onboarded thousands of employees for clients such as Siemens Mobility and Ringway Jacobs – because the software is simply and intuitive to use.

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If you are in the Transport and Mobility sector, Notify can support your exact needs in Health & Safety. 

Use NotifyIM (link) to help identify your blind spots and opportunities for improvement. We help you check on ‘work as done versus work as imagined’ when your workforce are far from HQ. 

Use Notify Action Tracking (link) to help turn your safety reports into actions. You have the power to allocate smart actions to anyone with an email address – whether inside or outside your organisation. You can even mandate the levels of evidence you want to see before you close down that action. 

Use Notify Audits & Inspections (link) to check your standards against the relevant ISO, your regulator, parent company or internally agreed standards. Create audits for your contractors to complete in order to verify their compliance. 

Notify Risk Assessments (link) – digital risk assessments. 

Notify Dashboards (link) – choose from the standard dashboards for supervisors and mangers and advanced dashboards that provide drill-down functionality for your safety team and directors. Benefit from total transparency of data across the organisation, with everyone having a role to play in safety.