The smart way to manage Health & Safety in Transport & Mobility.

Notify’s smart safety software supports your entire organisation and workforce across road, rail, sea and air transport and maintenance.

If you transport people or goods around the world, Notify can help you identify your safety blind spots, maintain immediate and proactive safety communication with your workforce wherever they are working, and deliver improved compliance.

Whatever language your people speak, and whatever their role, our simple, customisable, powerful software is easy to learn and adapt to your business operations.

Notify helps keep workers safe in the following sectors:

  • Track and Road signalling
  • Rolling Stock manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacture
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Road maintenance
  • Logistics & Fleet
  • Distribution Centres & Warehouses
  • Aviation / airports
  • Maritime & shipping

Notify’s smart mobile-first software ensures your entire workforce can report incidents in seconds from any location.


Siemens Mobility is a leader in the transport sector who shape connected mobility solutions. They are constantly developing new, intelligent mobility solutions that increase availability of infrastructure, optimise throughput and improve passenger experience.

The introduction of the Notify tool has provided Siemens Mobility the opportunity to fully understand EHSQ performance in real time. The tools’ ability to engage staff at every level has resulted in a positive reporting culture of not only incidents but also positive behaviours and acts.”

Colin Cox
Head of HSEQ Management Systems and Assurance – Mobility

Velocity UK Ltd, based in the North East of England, but operating nationally, provide road maintenance solutions to a wide range customer base. They are the market leaders for pothole solutions, pre-surface dressing patching, and edge deterioration, helping their customers make tight budgets last.

Notify has changed the way we manage our incident reporting and provides greater transparency throughout the whole business. It allows us to share this transparency with clients who require collaborative working, sharing good practice and lessons learned, and forming partnerships.”

Craig Lawrie
QSHE Manager at Velocity UK Ltd

Increase reporting of safety events to help reduce accidents, close calls and lost time – while improving the wellbeing of your workforce.

Notify’s smart incident management software ensures that your entire workforce can report accidents, unsafe events, injuries, close calls, positive observations and environmental incidents in seconds via a mobile app, wherever they are in the world. In addition to reporting safety events, regular checks and audits can also be completed by managers with everything coordinated and reported on the Notify management portal.

User-friendly dashboards and notifications help walk managers through the investigation process and ensure that corrective actions are managed and tracked globally.

With Notify, safety is placed in the hands of everyone in your entire organisation, so they can report incidents, accidents, near-misses in seconds.

Incident location can be entered or geolocated.

Photos can be taken and attached to incident reports. Notify is designed to be mobile first – workers can have Notify up and running within seconds.

Why do organisations in Transport & Mobility use Notify?

Notify can be used to gather data on the types of incident that contribute to risk in your organisation.

Engagement & culture 

Notify’s smart software platform and app deliver real-time information about real-life incidents at work, directly to your inbox. And because Notify gives your employees the tools they need to report concerns and accidents with ease, it increases employee engagement. You’ll have the insight to check that everything is happening, as it should. And give feedback to your employees at speed. Resolving any concerns and safety issues with ease.

Eliminating paperwork

Notify’s digital platform removes the need for manual paper processes and enables everything to be tracked in real time. If you have a worker near a railway line and there’s an issue, they can report it instantly from their mobile. Similarly, a worker on a remote stretch of road can use our safety app to report not only the incident, but their exact GPS location and upload images.
You can also escalate the alert status based on the safety event type, so senior stakeholders are informed about serious incidents in real time.

Data insights

High performing organisations in the Transport & Mobility sector understand the value of data and how to use leading indicators to predict and prevent future issues.

With Notify, managers see only the data that is relevant to their part of the organisation, allowing them to share best practice around the teams. Safety professionals can track safety data and easily report trends to their boards. Notify can also support with regulatory reporting such as RSSB, along with the basic reporting around LTIs and AFRs.

Saving time

Transport & Mobility is a highly operationalised sector where time is critical; SLAs are never far away and yet safety has to be high on the agenda. Notify helps safety teams to save time with instant access to right data and reports. From the speed it takes to report an event, investigate, or assign actions, everything is designed to make things quick and easy for all users.

We’ve onboarded thousands of employees for clients such as Siemens Mobility and Ringway Jacobs with minimal training to our simple and intuitive software.

Data above taken from a case study on Notify client, Travis Perkins PLC, operating a fleet of 4,000 vehicles across the UK.

Unlock data insights with powerful, easy-to-use dashboards

Our dashboards deliver a professional, visual, filterable and customisable view of your Notify data to help you identify key trends and produce management reports.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Incident Management dashboard example showing incident count by type, top ten incident categories and incidents by status.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Action Tracker dashboard example showing overdue and incomplete actions, actions by location and a list of actions with status.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Audit Tracker dashboard example showing the audit status by location.

laptop displaying the page within Notify that allows you to build your own forms
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Audit Tracker dashboard example showing number of audits by status with a filterable graph showing audit status by month.

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If you are in the Transport and Mobility sector, Notify can support your exact needs in Health & Safety. Try any of our safety modules free for 14 days:

Incident Management

Use Notify Incident Management to keep every member of your workforce safe, help identify your blind spots and opportunities for improvement.

Audits & Inspections

Use Notify Audits & Inspections to check your standards against the relevant ISO, your regulator, parent company or internally agreed standards. Create audits for your contractors to complete in order to verify their compliance.

Risk Assessments

Use Notify Risk Assessments for all your digital risk assessments.