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Notify’s simple, smart software solutions help provide answers to everyday challenges faced by Health and Safety professionals across the Transport & Logistics sectors. With our Incident Management platform (Notify IM), workers can log incidents, accidents and near-misses in seconds via a mobile app wherever they are in the world, whether they have an internet connection or not.

Health & Safety technology for Transport & Logistics businesses

The potential for accidents and incidents at work exists across all sectors, especially where there is moving or heavy machinery involved. So it stands to reason that safety hazards are particularly heightened in the transport and logistics sectors.

Any job role that involves driving a vehicle comes with associated risks – whether that be driving a car, truck, bus, train, plane or boat, and whether there are passengers – or cargo – involved or not.

Minimising those risks is what we’re all about at Notify. Quite simply, our products help save lives by giving Health & Safety professionals the tools to identify incident event trends and use the data to help prevent them from happening again.

Your workers can use our simple app to report a near-miss or incident wherever they are at the time it occurred. They don’t even need to have an active internet connection and, if it’s unsafe to report the incident at the time, it can be logged later when safe to do so.

What our clients say

Velocity UK Ltd.

Velocity UK Ltd.

Notify has changed the way we manage our incident reporting and provides greater transparency throughout the whole business. It allows us to share this transparency with clients who require collaborative working, sharing good practice and lessons learned, and forming partnerships.
Craig Lawrie

How Notify Can Help

Incident Management

With Notify Incident Management, recording health and safety incidents, accidents and near misses is quick, efficient and simple. Your workers, wherever they are in the world, can use a mobile app to log the event. Managers are alerted when an incident is reported and can manage it right through to resolution using a secure, mobile-friendly web portal. Workers can add photos and videos to incident reports for enhanced visibility of what has occurred.

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Capture Incidents On The Go! Workers can report incidents in under 60 seconds from our app regardless of where they may be in the world.
No Connection? No Problem! Incidents can be logged without an internet connection and submitted when there's one available.
Safety First, Always! If workers are in an environment where it's not safe to use the app, incidents can be logged later and backdated/timed.

Audits & Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections is flexible, fully configurable, easy to use and can help you say goodbye to hefty paper trails. The software allows for the scheduling and management of audits and inspections with real-time tracking all in one place. Best practice documents can be created and updated collaboratively, while actions can be created, assigned and followed-up through to completion.

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No More Paper! Say goodbye to paper trails and hello to smart, flexible and highly configurable audits and inspections.
Real-Time Tracking! Track your audits in real-time to ensure that your business remains fully compliant and your workers are safeguarded at all times.
Take Action! Actions can be created, assigned to audits and inspections, as well as to colleagues, and tracked right through to completion.

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