The Notify team consists of passionate problem-solvers who are on a mission to help Notify achieve its mission – to make a billion people safer at work. We’re collaborative, committed to working with our clients to develop Notify into whatever perfect looks like for them. Find out a little more about our growing team below.








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Duncan Davies

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder

My professional background is with technology companies, in particular working out how software can help automate and improve processes. The technological revolution has provided so many benefits, and yet the industry continues to puzzle people and fails to live up to the promises we’ve made.

Our vision at Notify is to deliver simple solutions that can be picked up by users with minimal training and can deliver immediate results.

I’m no millennial – far from it, sadly! – but I have a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world. I genuinely can’t think of a better application for technology than in helping to make people safer and healthier.

We came up with the idea of starting a safety revolution: “a forcible overthrow of social order, in favour of a new system.” Our tool is technology, and our raw material is data. When a worker is killed every 15 seconds across the globe, this seems like a sensible revolution to start.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about us, or would like to look at how our platform can help your organisation.

Andy Dumbell

Chief Product Officer / Co-Founder

My passion is helping businesses get the best out of digital technology. I specialise in creating software applications that solve real business needs.

I’m enthusiastic about using technology as a part of our everyday lives, to make a meaningful difference and for it to fit into our world seamlessly.

I built the Notify platform (with a good deal of help from a great team), and I spend my time speaking to customers and prospects to work out how we can make it better.

Even a click saved, or a screen removed, can make someone more likely to use a piece of software. And with Notify, our ambition is for every single person in an organisation to be able to pick up our system immediately, regardless of age, nationality or literacy.

Some of the most important work we do with clients has nothing to do with technology. It is in helping them to look at how they use our platform to bring in changes across their entire organisation.

I’ve won awards and government funding for the technology I’ve helped build but seeing it used to transform how organisations improve their health & safety culture is hugely satisfying.

Please contact me if you want to learn more about our approach.

Jayne Archbold


Jayne is a proven technology leader, with 18 years in key roles within Sage plc. More recently she has had great success as CEO of an international software business headquartered in Sweden, in addition to being Non Executive Director of Saberr, a UK based HR software business.

Her understanding and experience of the compliance software market, within high growth companies, and across international boundaries was a big factor in us choosing her as our Chair in April 2019.

Liz Alexander

Head of Finance

Liz is our resident finance whizz, with extensive experience in leading Finance departments across organisations including PwC, General Motors and TSG. After working alongside Notify CEO, Duncan, for 8 years at TSG, she jumped at the chance to play a role in the Notify #SafetyRevolution, joining us from the very beginning in 2017.

Liz is a reluctant techie, but as a Finance professional, is passionate about how data and analysis can drive change and big business impact, much like what Notify is doing to revolutionise the Health and Safety sector!

Gareth Cram

Chief Revenue Officer

Gareth has over 20 years leadership experience, with a track record of delivering outstanding results across commercial management, product management and customer success roles within international organisations including Sage and Wolters Kluwer.

Gareth’s passion for driving extraordinary success for customers and colleagues coupled with his wealth of experience in SaaS from his previous positions will help us to continue our rapid growth and make an immediate positive impact on our people, processes and technology.

Paul Duff

Product Specialist

Paul joined the Notify mission in November 2018 after building his Customer Acquisition experience at Vodafone and for an IT solutions supplier.

He’s responsible for growing our client base and has particular expertise with the Arts, Recreation and Leisure and Education sectors.

Paul is a confessed tech enthusiast and is excited about where technology can take Health and Safety in future, for the benefit of all.

Donna Crammond

Business Analyst

Donna has been with Notify since October 2019 as a Business Analyst within our service delivery team.

Her background is primarily within the utilities industry, where she supported the delivery of solutions across various modules of ERP software, aligning to heavily regulated industry and company policies.

As part of her role, whilst always striving for self-development, Donna is keen to collaborate with clients and colleagues alike to enhance Notify products through a continuous improvement journey.

Jane Lamont

Business Support Manager

Jane’s role sits between the account management team and the development team.

She has a an expansive career history looking after people and projects in public, charity and private sectors covering manufacturing, social care, health, education, recruitment, marketing and sales, facilities management and training.

Jane’s faviourite thing about Notify is how easy it is to use for a non-techy person, the automatic emails it sends and the fab one-click graphs and charts.

Having started out in hospitality, Jane now cooks and bakes for pleasure, loves making random things and giving them to people, family, friends, the dog, interiors and discovering new places.