Manufacturing and Engineering

Protect your staff and minimise risks in the manufacturing and engineering industry with Notify’s health and safety software. Ensure incidents and near misses are reported quickly and managed effectively with Notify Incident Management, and retain compliance and minimise risk using scheduling and risk assessment tools with Notify Audits and Inspections.

Health and Safety in Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing and engineering businesses are faced with a wide range of Health and Safety challenges, and the potential for serious injury or illness is heightened due to the use of heavy machinery and in some cases, dangerous chemicals.

In a hazardous environment where the risks are various, a smart, controlled and detail-led approach to managing Health and Safety is essential in order to ensure workers are protected and incidents are minimised. With Notify software, Manufacturing and Engineering businesses can effectively manage Health and Safety issues, including incident reporting, inspection and audit scheduling, risk management and resolution, task assignment, and action tracking.

From working with heavy machinery and dangerous liquids, to working around loud noises and busy work environments, the risks and hazards present in Manufacturing and Engineering organisations require an effective management strategy in order to protect workers. With dangers including the risk of significant or even fatal injury, and long-term health problems including respiratory issues and skin conditions, thorough risk assessment and efficient incident reporting is vital, as well as effective identification of risks before an incident occurs and a comprehensive management process for recognised issues.

Notify’s health and safety management software provides user-friendly, effective solutions to manage risks, streamline processes and maintain compliance in the manufacturing and engineering industry.

What our clients say

Turbine Efficiency

Turbine Efficiency

“Using Notify is going very well. It has seamlessly fitted into the business, and members of the team have found it to be user-friendly and easy to use, which is often the battle when implementing a new tool in any area of business. From a Health and Safety point of view, the intuitive nature of the platform has helped us to mitigate risks and give more transparency to the wider team about how important Health and Safety is to us as a wider organisation.”
Tom Findlay
Quality and HSE Manager at Turbine Efficiency

How Notify Can Help

Notify Incident Management

Notify Incident Management simplifies risk management by providing an effective solution to incident, accident and near miss reporting. Using a mobile app and secure website, incidents are reported quickly and effectively, allowing staff to manage incidents through to resolution using a comprehensive, mobile-friendly web portal.

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Increase Engagement - Break down the barriers to reporting incidents and near misses using the mobile app and secure, mobile-friendly web portal. Reporting can be completed in under 90 seconds, with the option to include photos, video and location tags.
Identify Risk – In a high-stakes environment, the ability to identify risks before an incident occurs could be lifesaving. Notify Incident Management provides you with reports, pattern analysis and automatic notifications to help you identify potential risks.
Save time and resource – Managing risks and ensuring compliance is maintained can be a heavy workload. With Notify Incident Management, processes are streamlined and simplified, meaning you can reallocate time and resource elsewhere whilst still protecting your team.

Audits and Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections makes managing audits and inspections more efficient. With a fully secure, configurable interface, Notify AI allows for scheduling, action tracking, task assignment and collaborative document creation and editing, enabling your business to maintain full compliance and proactively identify and control operational risks.

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Promote and Improve Best Practice – Different orders and products require different processes, and therefore present different risks. With Notify AI, information on new hazards can be distributed to the whole team, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
Fully Mobile – In Manufacturing and Engineering environments, it’s not possible to complete most of the required health and safety work from behind a desk. Notify AI allows you to manage your audits, inspections and risk assessments anywhere on site, whether online or offline.
Action Tracker – Ensuring inspections, audits and remedial tasks are completed is essential to ensure the safety of your team and your business’s compliance. With Notify AI you can assign tasks, track actions and send reminders in bulletin format, with automatic escalation when necessary.

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