Notify’s Health and Safety software streamlines and boosts the effectiveness of managing health and safety in Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational settings. Notify Incident Management enables fast reporting of incidents and near misses plus comprehensive management of incidents through to resolution, while Notify Audits and Inspections includes scheduling and delegating software to ensure audits and inspection procedures are managed and your organisation remains compliant.

Health and Safety in Education

Schools, Universities and other educational institutions face unique Health and Safety challenges. As places that serve young people and children, often including vulnerable people, ensuring their safety and minimising the risks posed to their health is imperative.

Younger people can be impulsive and behave in ways that would be unexpected in adults – therefore a thorough, detail-led and proactive approach to the management of Health and Safety in the Education sector is needed.  As well as this, being able to respond quickly to incidents and near-misses is vital, in order to ensure students are able to learn in a safe environment and with minimal risks to their health or wellbeing.

Notify software provides those responsible for the management of Health and Safety in Educational institutions the ability to report, track and manage incidents, improve processes and procedures and ensure compliance.

Educational establishments, including primary, secondary, further and higher education, have the potential to face numerous challenges when managing their Health and Safety. Different lessons and subjects, from food technology to physical education and from chemistry to engineering all involve varied and unique risks to staff and students, as well as the additional risks and safety management that is required to keep people safe on campus. Thorough risk assessment for each activity; regular inspection and auditing of all equipment and procedures; and detailed record-keeping of all incidents and near misses are required in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students, staff and visitors of your educational establishment.

Notify software offers a solution to managing these challenges, enabling you to digitally oversee your processes, carry out a risk assessment with improved efficiency, and enhance reporting and management processes.

What our clients say

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University

“I have worked closely with the team at Notify and thus far, implementation has been very successful. The app is so simple to use that students, colleagues and third parties are happy to spend a minute to submit a report. We’ve seen a tenfold rise in submitted reports, which helps myself and the team keep all at BCU safe.”
Simon Dunn
Head of Health and Safety

How Notify Can Help

Incident Management

Notify Incident Management enhances and streamlines your incident reporting, providing you with the tools to manage incidents, accidents or near misses through to resolution. Incidents can be reported from anywhere using a mobile app and secure website, and includes alerts, follow-up, task setting and escalation.

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Action Tracker – Notify Incident Management allows you to set tasks, assign them to team members, send reminders and escalate if needs be, so you can be sure actions are completed, your educational establishment is fully compliant, and your students and staff are protected from risks.
Identify Risk – Minimising the risk to students requires proactivity in identifying potential risks before an incident occurs. Notify Incident Management provides you with detailed reports, pattern analysis and automatic notifications to help you catch a problem before it leads to any damage.
Highly-Configurable – However your team works to manage Health and Safety, Notify Incident Management provides adaptable forms and workflow to suit you. When dealing with health and safety in education, one-size-fits-all is not applicable – no two institutions face the same challenges or operational processes.

Audits & Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections provides a solution to the challenges faced by Health and Safety professionals when managing audits, inspections and risk assessments. The fully-secure, configurable software helps to proactively identify and control operational risks, while fully tracking actions and processes to help your business maintain full compliance.

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Scheduler – Tasks like regular inspection, annual audits or servicing of equipment can be set up in advance and schedules can be shared across your whole team anywhere in the organisation. Daily, weekly and monthly checklists can be created, and tasks assigned to specific team members.
Fully Mobile – In educational institutions, much of the work your teams complete happens away from the 'central office' and in the classroom, lecture theatre or campus instead. Notify AI has fully mobile, offline functionality, so wherever you are, you can obtain instant alerts and reminders when things require following up.
Fully Flexible – The procedures and challenges your establishment faces are unique to your institution. With Notify AI, you can adapt the audit questionnaires to suit your site’s assets, your team’s preferred work processes and the specific risks that students and staff may face.

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