Notify’s Health and Safety software provides solutions to the safety challenges faced by the Construction industry. Notify Incident Management enables incidents and near misses to be recorded in seconds via a mobile app and secure online platform, while Notify Audits and Inspections simplifies the risk management process, meaning that the risks associated with construction sites are minimised and managed, and construction workers are protected.

Health and Safety technology for Construction businesses

In the construction industry, the potential for health and safety incidents is heightened due to the nature and conditions of the work. Ensuring the safety of employees requires nothing less than a detail-led dedication to adhering to health and safety regulations and the ability to identify and respond to risks quickly.

Using Notify software, construction businesses can ensure that Audits and Inspections are regularly performed, risks are quickly identified and resolved, and actions relating to health and safety issues are logged, tracked and centrally, securely stored.

With risks including working with electricity, working at height, materials handling and working around asbestos and air-borne toxins, construction sites can be very dangerous places. Managing health and safety in a construction environment is a vital and often complex job, with the need for thorough and regular risk assessment and audits, as well as ensuring full compliance with the many laws and regulations specific to the construction industry.

Notify’s H&S applications make managing Health and Safety within the Construction industry more efficient, improving processes and safeguarding personnel.

What our clients say

Travis Perkins plc.

Well done for getting the new incident reporting system up and operational. It has been on the Travis Perkins list of things to do for over three years so for you and the team to deliver it in such a short time is brilliant – you should be really proud. Please pass on my personal thanks to all the team that have been involved.
Frank Elkin
Divisional Chief Executive Officer

How Notify Can Help

Incident Management

Notify Incident Management makes recording health and safety incidents, accidents and near misses quick, efficient and simple, using a mobile app and secure website. Members of staff are alerted when an incident is reported and can manage the incident through to resolution using a comprehensive, mobile-friendly web portal.

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Increase Engagement – Using Notify Incident Management, workers can report incidents from anywhere in under 60 seconds, meaning that the barriers towards a full and detailed report on potentially highly dangerous risks on-site are broken down.
Highly-configurable – Every construction project has its own specific challenges, and each company has its own risk resolution processes. With Notify Incident Management, data capture forms and workflows can be configured to suit your needs.
Save Time and Resource – Ensuring your company’s compliance with H&S regulations requires considerable resource. Notify makes managing incidents, accidents and near misses quicker and more efficient, meaning your resource can be reallocated elsewhere.

Audits & Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections helps to proactively identify and control operational risks. With a flexible, fully configurable and easy to use interface, the software allows for the scheduling and management of auditing, inspections and risk assessments. Best practice documents can be created and updated collaboratively while actions and events are fully tracked.

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Fully Mobile - In Construction, it’s important to be able to access H&S information from anywhere on the construction site. Notify AI is designed for mobile devices and works seamlessly both online and offline with no loss of information.
Fully Trackable – With Notify AI, inspections can be scheduled, tasks can be assigned and actions are tracked, ensuring that your business remains fully compliant and your workers are safeguarded throughout the life of a Construction project.
Promote and Improve Best Practice – with changing conditions, and therefore the potential risks, on site, best practice and risk control measures need to change too. With Notify AI, site managers can feedback new hazards, ensuring the whole team is kept up to date.

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