Arts, Recreation and Leisure

Notify’s Health and Safety software helps to protect staff and visitors by providing solutions to the safety challenges faced by the arts, recreation and leisure industry. Incidents and near-misses can be reported quickly and remotely via a mobile app with NotifyIt, whilst health and safety professionals benefit from simplified incident management processes with Notify Incident Management and Audits and Inspections.

Health and Safety in the Arts, Recreation and Leisure Industry

Arts, Recreation and Leisure focused businesses face a variety of industry-specific health and safety risks. As an industry designed to serve the public, it’s imperative that any risks to the safety of visitors and staff are minimised and managed. Members of the public can be unpredictable, so a smart, proactive, detail-led approach to managing health and safety is required, as well as the ability to respond to incidents and potential dangers quickly and effectively.

Notify software gives health and safety officers and facility officers in Arts, Recreation and Leisure environments the tools to manage risks, improve systems and ensure compliance.

From theme parks to theatres, petting zoos to swimming pools, the variety of activities and situations included in the Arts, Recreation and Leisure industry means the potential risks associated are numerous and diverse. Managing health and safety within the sector means ensuring the safety of potentially thousands of people at any one time, including young children, the elderly and vulnerable people, which requires thorough and regular risk assessment and audits, as well as ensuring full compliance with the laws and regulations specific to the Arts, Recreation and Leisure industry.

Notify’s Health and Safety applications make managing health and safety within the sector more efficient, improving processes and safeguarding staff, volunteers and visitors.

What our clients say

Alexandra Palace

I’m really happy with Notify, it has allowed us to collect clear data and identify risks and trends within the organisation, to protect our visitors and staff as best we can. The app works well and is simple to use, which has helped us better implement the tool across the business, encouraging accountability at a management level too. We’re actively working with the Notify team to give insights into how the tool could improve over time and I’m looking forward to future developments which will make the platform even more useful to us at Alexandra Palace.”
Graeme Timms
Head of Health and Safety

How Notify Can Help

Incident Management

Notify Incident Management provides an efficient and effective way to record health and safety incidents, accidents and near misses. Incidents are reported using a mobile app and secure website, alerting members of staff who can manage the incident through to resolution using a comprehensive, mobile-friendly web portal. Clients in the Arts, Leisure and Recreation sector include Alexandra Palace, London Zoo and Pinewood Studios.

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Increase engagement: Get staff on-board and engaged in Health and Safety matters by making it easy to report incidents through a user-friendly mobile app, which allows for full, detailed reports - including images, videos and location tags - to be sent straight to the appropriate member of staff from anywhere in under 60 seconds.
Identify risk: When dealing with members of the public, it’s important to be proactive in identifying and minimising potential risks before an incident occurs. Using detailed reports, pattern analysis and automatic notifications, Notify Incident Management can help you to do just that.
Highly-Configurable: The arts and leisure industry encompasses a large variety of businesses, and no two face the same challenges or follow the same risk management processes. Notify Incident Management software allows full adaptability of forms and workflow to suit your team and operations.

Audits and Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections is designed to provide Health and Safety professionals with a fully-secure, configurable software that can help them manage their audits, inspections and risk assessments. With a fully adaptable and user-friendly interface, Notify AI helps to proactively identify and control operational risks, while fully tracking actions and processes to help your business maintain full compliance.

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Schedule, Delegate and Track: In busy, customer-focused environments, ensuring important actions are completed can be a challenge. With Notify AI, you can create, assign and monitor tasks, sending reminders to team members in bulletin format and with the option to automatically escalate if required.
Fully Mobile: In arts, Recreation and Leisure, much of the work your teams complete happens away from the desk. Notify AI has full mobile, offline functionality, so wherever you are, whether online or not, you can obtain instant alerts and reminders when things require following up.
Promote and Improve Best Practice: Depending on the season or your business’ programme of work, conditions can change quickly, meaning best practice and risk control measures need to change too. With Notify AI, site managers can feedback new hazards and procedures, ensuring the whole team is kept up to date.

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