How to turn Health & Safety from ‘GOOD’ to ‘GREAT’.

If your business is looking to implement best practice in Health & Safety, Notify can help. 

If you’re seeing good levels of engagement and compliance you’re well on the way! The next step is about harnessing the information that your workforce is providing – through smart dashboards and by tracking insights. With simple, easy to read reports for Incidents, Audits & Actions, you can start to move towards using Leading rather than Lagging Indicators. 

Notify’s dashboards show where the issues are, across which sites, and with which managers. 

You’re in a great position to start making safety and wellbeing a positive discussion in your organisation. Using Notify’s customisations you can introduce safety events such as “positive observations”. Or, consider enabling your employees to flag concerns around mental health and fatigue so that you have better insights into wellbeing. 

If Health & Safety in your company is in good shape but you are still finding some areas challenging – for example improving the use of data or convincing investors and clients that your approach to safety is watertight – then we can help. 

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