Now is the time to improve Health & Safety in your business

If you are at the start of your safety journey, Notify can help set you on the right path.

In today’s climate, engaging with your entire workforce to ensure their safety and wellbeing – wherever they are located – is a priority for all businesses.

Your employees should be able to quickly and easily report incidents, accidents or concerns and then managing those reports through to resolution need to be simple and effective. As a manager you need to use accurate and real time data to constantly keep an eye on safety across the business and pinpoint blind spots.

If you consider your business is ‘High Risk’ in terms of Health & Safety becoming a serious issue, with your company being fined or even shut down for non-compliance with HSE laws, rules and regulations, then we can help.

Book a 15 minute discovery call with a member of the Notify team and we’ll explain how our smart Health & Safety software can help you take the first steps towards minimising risks. Simply complete your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch.