Now is the time to improve Health & Safety in your business

If you are at the start of your safety journey, Notify can help set you on the right path.

You’re legally obliged to have a written safety policy and someone allocated to making sure you’re compliant. The extent of this will be determined by your business activities and size. Notify can point you in the direction of one of our trusted Safety Business Partners who can support you in filling these immediate gaps. 

In safety, it all starts with the Risk Assessment. Notify can have you up and running in minutes with our simple digital Risk Assessment tool. This helps you ensure that risks are captured and that suitable controls are put in place. 

In today’s climate, engaging with your workforce to ensure their safety and wellbeing – wherever they are located – is a key priority. 

Your employees should be able to quickly and easily report incidents, accidents, near misses or concerns to the right person in your business. You’ll need to show the HSE that you manage those reports through to resolution and identify (and act upon) corrective actions.  

If you think your organisation is at ‘High Risk’ when it comes to safety, then Notify’s Incident Management Module can be up and running within an hour, customised to suit your business, and immediately available via our mobile app so that your workforce can start reporting safety events for free. 

Book a short call with a member of the Notify team and we’ll explain how our smart Health & Safety software can help you take the first steps towards reducing your safety risks. Simply complete your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch.