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NotifyIM can be used by anyone in your organisation

Incident Reporting and Management

Notify Incident Management (NotifyIM) is the smart Health & Safety reporting tool that enables you to log incidents, accidents and near-misses in seconds.

Your entire organisation can report incidents using the NotifyIM app or cloud platform, while Incident Managers can follow-up and complete investigations quickly and easily.

  • Empower and educate employees and visitors to capture incidents in seconds with Incident Reporting
  • Investigate, monitor and resolve incidents in a fraction of the time it takes manual processes
  • Assign, track and follow up actions
  • Measure performance, constantly monitor and improve safety
  • Capture Good Spots, Quality and Performance that make staff more engaged with Health and Safety
Create safety checklists quickly and easily with NotifyAI

Audits, Checklists and Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections (NotifyAI) has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to build safety checklists and carry out repeating or one-off audits.

Empower your team to digitally complete Audits, Inspection or Checklists on the go using our Notify A&I mobile app or Audits Module Web app. Our intuitive Form Template Manager gives you the freedom and flexibility to build the capture forms to suit your business needs.

  • Create and share audit questionnaires and checklists
  • Create intuitive audits with options on how answers are generated
  • Empower your team to work and conduct audits on the move with our Notify AI Mobile app (available on IOS and Android)
  • Manage inspection cycles
  • Audit Scheduler helps automate the allocation and timing of Audits to your team
Create and manage online risk assessments tailored to your business

Risk Assessments

Notify Risk Assessments (NotifyRA) allows you to create and manage online risk assessments that are relevant for your organisation to show you have considered all risks and how you are managing them.

Easy to use and simple to understand, NotifyRA is the most recent addition to our software, allowing you to manage Health & Safety across your business. 

  • Create Risk Assessments with easy-to-understand risk scoring
  • Follow best practice and encourage collaboration
  • Help employees to understand what they can do to reduce risks
  • Quickly gather feedback on hazards identified by your workers
Complete control of method statements, risk assessments and CPPs.

Method Statements

Notify Method Statements is designed for construction and is an add-on module that enhances our Risk Assessment software.

Expand your Risk Assessment capability with Notify Method Statements and hold all your key safety data in one secure place. Supports Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015 compliance.

  • Compilation of Construction Phase Plans for single and multiple construction projects
  • Access detailed Risk Assessments and Methods Statement templates
  • Dynamically link risk assessments so all your key safety data is in one secure place
  • Support ISO45001 certification and CDM 2015 compliance
Dashboards bring the power of Health & Safety data to your fingertips.

Safety Intelligence

We help provide customers with the real time actionable insight that empowers management teams to get the most out of their Health and Safety data.

Each Notify login comes with a standard dashboard that shows tasks assigned to that user, with a summary of incidents and actions including anything that is due or overdue.

Our Dashboards include:

  • Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) Dashboard
  • Incident Management Dashboard
  • Action Tracker Dashboard
  • Audit Tracker Dashboard