At Notify we’re committed to building intelligent, simple to use products that help Health and Safety professionals minimise risk and keep workers safer, healthier and more productive. Discover more about the Notify suite of software below. 

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Incident Management

Notify Incident Management (Notify IM) enables users to record incidents, accidents and near misses in seconds via a mobile app and secure website. Our smart platform ensures items are tracked through to resolution, giving you the data you need to track trends and educate your organisation.

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Audits & Inspections

Notify Audits and Inspections (Notify AI) provides a configurable interface that allows users to build and manage repeating or one-off events. Combined with powerful workflows and forms, the module ensures that actions can be allocated and automatically chased.

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NotifyIt helps users to capture near-misses on the go, quickly and easily. Add a location, photos and a detailed report in under 90 seconds via Android and iPhone devices, even when there’s no internet connection!

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