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Notify’s cloud-based Audit Management Software allows you to digitally create, customise and schedule any type of audit, inspection or checklist. With our user-friendly mobile app, audits can be carried out anytime, anywhere, helping to engage your workforce whilst reducing risk.

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Capture consistent audit information

With our intuitive form template builder you can digitally create or update any type of audit, inspection or checklist in minutes. Customise your question types, add mandatory fields and include guidance text to ensure the information your team records is consistent and accurate. In our audit software, you can also add in conditional logic to streamline and speed up your audits.

Save time by automating processes

Save time by automating the scheduling of your audits. Ensure they are assigned to the right people, at the right time. You can see when an audit has been completed, who has completed it and if an audit has been missed. With real-time email notifications and reminders, you can ensure your audits are completed on time, whilst increasing efficiency.

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Carry out audits from anywhere with our safety audit app

With our free to use mobile app, your workforce can see and complete any audits that are assigned to them from anywhere. They can search for pre-defined templates and complete audits offline, whilst on the move. Photo’s can also be attached as supporting evidence and audits can be digitally approved within the app to support compliance.

Obtain safety insight and intelligence with advanced analytics and reporting

Gain deeper insight into your audits with our safety intelligence dashboards and customisable reports. Our built in analytics provides a centralised view of all open, complete and overdue audits. You can filter by site and specific audits to identify areas of improvement and to monitor key performance indicators in real time.

What our customers say

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“Notify is simple and intuitive to use. Audit planning 
is a doddle, as is setting up template forms and dependable questions. Notify also has clearly presented dashboards that allow us to easily 
integrate and drill down into data.”

Gregory Webb, Group Risk and Compliance Manager

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"I’ve had lots of different feedback from staff across our Raceday teams, Restaurant Group and Horseradish Events and Catering which has all been extremely positive. Lots of staff who are self-proclaimed ‘technophobes’ saying they’re impressed with how easy the QR code was to use to find our reporting and auditing tools, and how simple the Notify systems are to use!"

Matthew Jones, Health of Health and Safety

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"With Notify, the support from all of the team has been outstanding. The interface has been great, they are easy to interact with and they are ready to assist with answers to questions at the drop of a hat when required. The platform in terms of setting up forms and templates for audits and risk assessments, is also extremely user friendly."

Paul Matthews, Head of Safety