Incident Management

Notify Incident Management enables users to record incidents, accidents and near misses in seconds via a mobile app and secure website, and manage through to resolution using our secure web portal. Our customisable system can be adapted to your organisation, and professional dashboard present data in a simple format that can be provided to your board. Using modern mobile technology, you can send notifications rewarding employees etc etc
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Capture Near Misses, on the go, quickly and easily

NotifyIt, FREE Near Miss Reporting App
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Capture Near Misses, on the go, quickly and easily

NotifyIt, FREE Near Miss Reporting App


Increase engagement and foster a safer working environment

Increase Engagement

  • No need to hand over your contact information (unless you want to!)
  • Start making your workplace safer the second you’ve downloaded the app
  • Link to a work email account so that you can generate real time alerts
  • Review all your data in one places and tart to build up trends and insights
Identify potential risks in an instant

Identify Risk

  • Our mission is to start a safety revolution, so this app is free for you to use under licence – forever
  • Want to do more complex things like record accidents, carry out investigations, gnerate alerts and see funky reporting? We’ve got software that can help with that…. Notify Incident Management
Recognise trends to better inform decisions

Recognise Trends

  • Anyone who has the NotifyIT app and your email address can send you near misses using their mobile device – from anywhere in the world
  • Zero training is required to start using the app
  • Businesses typically log four times more near misses with NotifyIt, compared to their previous process

How it works

How Notify Works - Step 1
1. Download our free app:

Notify download iosNotify download google play

How Notify Works - Step 1
2. Report a near miss when it happens:

via smartphone or tablet using the NotifyIt app for iOS and Android apps.

How Notify Works - Step 2
3. NotifyIt alerts the right person in an instant:

with an email message containing the near miss details including images.

Additional Features

Its Simple

Easy drop down selections mean you collect accurate data . We’ve created a set of options that users can quickly choose from to describe the near miss

Take Photos

A picture speaks a thousand words, and NotifyIt lets you tell the full story using photographs straight from your mobile device

Accurate Location

Use NotifyIt to pinpoint your location. Select location on our map, or search for an address


Nootify colleagues and your Health & Safety team in an instant, using your standard email software


Getting you From Good to Great

NotifyIT can form the basis of your quality system. Reduce your risks by creating an audit trail and showing you capture information in real time and that you’re able to respond quickly


Start to understand your near miss trends and take action to help make your colleagues safer