Method Statements

The Method Statements module is a powerful safety add−on that enhances our Risk Assessments module.

Notify Method Statements designed for construction projects.

Expand your risk assessment capability with Notify Method Statements and hold all your key safety data in one secure place.

With Notify MS you can:

  • Manage Construction Phase Plans
  • Access detailed Method Statement templates
  • Dynamically link risk assessments
  • Support ISO45001 certification and CDM compliance

Stay organised
and go paperless

Digitalise methods of tracking hazards, risks and controls so all data is in one place, driving proactive decision making
pc pie chart
Efficient and
accurate data
Single cloud storage for documentation that easily explains how to complete phases of projects safely
Drive safety
Improve safety engagement with a simple way to identify and log incidents that ensure timely data capture
Reduce risks and hazards
Understand and endorse compliance, enabling your people to work safely and reduce risk

Notify is always on, always available and designed to work the way you do

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Risk assessments and method statements stored
in one place

Method statements must be completed when there are unforeseen, unplanned or specialist activities on site which are not covered by relevant risk assessments. With Notify Method Statements you can now store your completed risk assessments and methods statements in one place.

Enhance our Risk Assessment module with Notify Method Statements and you’ll be able to:

  • Manage the quality and consistency of your RAMS
  • Engage with your teams on site by accessing your RAMS, COSHH and CPP anywhere from any device
  • Customise your project to suit your needs and make it project-specific
  • Authorise RAMS and track operatives’ signatures digitally and go paper free

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