Meet our
leadership team

With over 100 years of combined experience, we’re leading a group of people that are pioneers of the safety revolution.

We are leading pioneers of the safety revolution

We are passionate about health, safety and sustainability. We give organisations the power to transform their approach to health and safety with powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use software.

Duncan co-founder of Notify, professional background is within the technology sector, in particular working with software to automate and improve business processes.

In Duncan’s own words “I’m no millennial – far from it, sadly! – but I have a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world. Andy and I came up with the idea of starting a safety revolution: ‘a forcible overthrow of social order, in favour of a new system’. Our tool is technology, and our raw material is data. When a worker is killed every 15 seconds across the globe, this seems like a sensible revolution to start”.

Our vision for Notify is to provide technology that helps make people safer and healthier at work by offering simple solutions to all users with minimal training that deliver immediate results.

Andy co-founder and creator of the Notify platform (with a good deal of help from a great team), spends a lot of time speaking to people and customers to see how Notify can improve safety and environmental conditions.

Winning awards and government funding for the platform, Andy’s operational focus is on developing the technology strategy to help transform how organisations can improve their health & safety culture.

Andy’s ambition is for “every single person in any organisation to be able to use the Notify applications immediately, regardless of age, nationality, or literacy”.

As a passionate technology developer his focus is to help businesses get the best results from the Notify platform to solve real business needs.

Jayne has held a number of high-profile roles in last 18 years in the technology market such as Sage plc and most recently as CEO of an international software business headquartered in Sweden. In addition to being Non-Executive Director of Saberr, a UK based HR software business.

Jayne’s knowledge and experience of the compliance software market, within high growth companies, and across international boundaries is a strong factor to be appointed Chair in 2019 and today leads the strategy for Notify Technology.

Liz is our resident finance whizz, with extensive experience in leading Finance departments across organisations including PwC, General Motors and TSG. After working alongside Notify CEO, Duncan, for 8 years at TSG, she jumped at the chance to play a role in the Notify #SafetyRevolution, joining us from the very beginning in 2017.

Liz is a reluctant techie, but as a finance professional, is passionate about how data and analysis can drive change and big business impact, much like what Notify is doing to revolutionise the Health and Safety sector!