Team Insights: First Impressions – Rebecca Gray

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | May 26, 2021 | Notify Team Insights

Starting a new job from my own home amid a pandemic is quite an odd experience, especially when it’s my first big post-graduation role. I expected to feel somewhat lonely and left to my own devices.

However, that could not be further from my current experience.

From the interview process to these first few days, I have felt supported and welcomed by all those that work at Notify.

On my first day, I met up with our CEO, Duncan, for a socially distanced walk around Heaton Park in Newcastle, where he gave me plenty of background information about the company, including an overview of those that work at Notify, details about what my role will entail as a Customer Success Executive, as well as showing me around some of the local area as he was aware I had just moved here.

From the way Duncan spoke about his colleagues, I knew that I would be a happy and respected member of the team and I was sure that I would soon fit right in.

Initially I have been working closely with Business Analyst Donna, who puts in lots of effort to make sure I am getting up to speed with the various platforms that Notify uses in order to run efficiently. To begin with, she took me through the Notify software platform itself and, due to the way it is built, it was incredibly straightforward to understand. Donna constantly reassures me and encourages me to ask questions and speak up if I am unsure of anything; luckily due to how thorough she is, I am learning quickly and gaining confidence in using the platforms that I was unfamiliar with under a week ago.

In my first couple of weeks I’d had my first big Teams meeting with my new colleagues and I was quick to notice that everyone seems happy and comfortable sharing their opinions, thoughts and ideas with the rest of the team. From this meeting I got the chance to understand my own role and targets within the company, as well as getting the opportunity to learn about the important roles of my colleagues plus further insights into the targets of the company as a whole.

I am very much looking forward to taking on more responsibilities in the coming weeks and hope that soon, when the Notify office fully re-opens, I will get to meet and work with my new colleagues in person.

Rebecca Gray started with Notify as Customer Success Executive in April 2021, joining our growing Customer Success team. Read more insights from the Notify team here.