Team Insights: Core values and why they’re important to me – Queen

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Mar 6, 2020 | Blog, Notify Team Insights

At Notify, our core values are the heart of what we do, both in terms of how we operate as a team and how we develop our products.

Our Values:

  • Support each other and our customers
  • Continuous development
  • Courage
  • Constructive dissatisfaction

As a growing company, I think it’s incredible that we have these values and that we actually adhere to them, here’s how:

We support each other and our customers

When I joined Notify last April, I knew nothing about technology other than I had an iPhone and occasionally played The Sims 4 (real tech), but I was fortunate to have my colleagues Liam and Paul, who took their time to answer my millions of questions.

It made my transition from hardcore selling in recruitment to personal selling a lot easier. People don’t need to understand exactly how tech works in order to use it, but I definitely needed the background knowledge to be able to talk effectively about how great Notify is.

We’re here to support our customers every day. We are all just a phone call or email away at our office in Newcastle, right up to CEO level, and our development team in Romania is there to respond to customer requests and feedback every day too.

We believe in the continuous development of our products and our people

Continuous development is something that a lot of companies advertise as a value. We, as a company, love this value. I could easily list out all the things I have been encouraged to do whilst I’ve been at Notify (like writing this blog) just to better my personal and my professional life. We are always looking for new ways to do better and be better.

And you only have to read our recent Product Updates blog to see that we’re continually developing our product.

We dare to be courageous!

Being courageous may seem simple enough to understand and to be, but there is a reason why our favourite superheroes are described as courageous and brave. They tend to step out of their comfort zones by putting themselves in situations that they may find scary.

The perfect example of this at Notify is my colleague Paul, who suffered from acute anxiety growing up but managed to get on top of it and has used his personal experience to educate us at Notify about the importance of Mental Health Awareness in the workplace.

As part of our ongoing development of Notify, and with the help of what we all learned from Paul, we now include Mental Health reporting as a feature within our Incident Management module.

We want to get better and better at what we do

“Constructive Dissatisfaction” as a concept may sound like a negative value in comparison to the other three. It simply means that we are always looking for better, innovative ways to do things. To do this, we must trust ourselves and our clients.

We believe in our products, we believe in our team, we believe in our customers – but we won’t rest on our laurels, and I believe that thinking you can always do better just makes you strive to always do the best you can.

Find out more about me and my role here at Notify in my previous blog post.