Staying COVID-Alert And Managing The Risks

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Jul 20, 2020 | Blog

Getting back to work safely is a challenge we’re all facing right now. Returning to a changed normality, whilst remaining COVID-alert, is what we’re all aiming for.

Notify, the smart Health & Safety reporting and management software, is helping businesses get back to work safely, manage the risks associated with COVID-19 and be compliant.

Notify is available 24/7 across all sectors

The Notify platform empowers organisations to prioritise employee and customer health, build resilience and plan for recovery beyond COVID-19 in a single mobile-first tool.

Notify can help you to:

  • Give your employees peace of mind – also get your employees feeling involved, engaged and have empowerment of H&S responsibility.
  • Enable employees to self-assess and report on physical and mental health, including presence or suspected presence of Covid-19 symptoms, manage quarantine and generate requests for personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Enable employees and customers to report Covid-19 related concerns and hazards in relation to PPE, Social Distancing and non-compliance with processes.
  • Use Notify to identify essential and vulnerable employees to ensure the return to work is as stress free as possible.
  • Create custom checklists and share with managers and employees to gather feedback or confirm compliance.
  • Track infection alerts.
  • Think beyond employees… Notify also covers general public and customer safety.

Manage a workforce split between home working, the workplace and on the road

  • Simple mobile-first apps can be picked up within minutes by a workforce across multiple locations, offline as well as online.
  • Opening Offices: use Notify’s deconfinement template as the basis for a company-specific digital checklist.
  • Manage home working risks as well as deconfinement risks as people return to the workplace.

Gain assurance that you’re compliant with government guidance

  • Use compliance tracking tools to ensure Government regulations are achieved.
  • Health and Safety audit and inspections: In-person inspections including work area and work practice, hygiene and cleaning, remote or offsite work practice, and post-infection inspections.
  • Event management and investigation: Infection reporting and investigation, and shutdown or isolation management.
  • Use templates within Notify developed to meet the Government’s guidelines.
  • Allow or require suppliers and contractors to report, extending knowledge beyond the organisation.
  • Fully flexible software allows updates and changes as guidance evolves and accommodates new risks, or further waves of lockdown.

Bring it all together and take control

  • Use Notify’s 360 dashboard reporting for live data feeds across the organisation and be alerted to hot spots and areas of higher risk.
  • Intelligent alerts track and trace actions and events.
  • Make actions drive the ongoing risk mitigation and compliance.
  • Constantly review and improve Health & Safety in your business.

Notify for smaller businesses

• Log incidents in seconds, attach photo evidence, quickly pin-point the location of the incident….incidents submitted in real time.

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