Mar 16, 2020 | News

Notify product update: COVID-19 and Coronavirus

by Alan Sawyers

In light of the unfolding events around COVID-19, we wanted to give our clients an update as to how we are handling the Coronavirus situation within our business.

We’re here, we’re working and most importantly we’re continuing to ensure all Notify clients are being supported.

We have encouraged our entire team to work from home as much as possible and are ensuring we follow all the latest NHS and WHO advice around minimising the risk of infection and spread.

Notify Product Update

We’ve also just added “Coronavirus Infection (Suspected)” and “Coronavirus Infection (Confirmed)” to the Ill Health reporting options on the Notify app. This allows employees to report remotely and can help you maintain and manage clear data on the scale of any potential or real outbreak.

If you’re a Notify client, you might need to ask all Notify users within your organisation to update the app on their devices, and if you have any questions around the new feature, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You may also be on your own customised version of Notify, and might not see this new feature, but we’ll be working with you on specific changes for your platform very soon.

For more information about what Notify does, see our products page.

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