Notify introduces Single Sign-On feature to enhance user experience and security

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | May 14, 2021 | Blog

Software security tops the wish list for organisations when considering digital solutions. Single Sign-On (SSO) also helps drive much higher rates of software adoption with employees.

SSO is an additional level of security for software that enables a user to log in to multiple independent applications with a single set of credentials (typically a username and password).

We launched our SSO solution as part of the Notify Cloud 5.7 release, utilising Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory.

In simple terms, this means that the employees of a client using Notify’s smart Health & Safety system can log into, and use, the platform by using the same username and password they use to log into other systems and business software applications (for example, Office365) within their organisation.

For example, a manager needing to investigate a safety event can safely access Notify Cloud using their existing company username and password. Similarly, any employee assigned an Audit or Checklist to complete, can log in using the Notify A&I mobile app using their own company username and password.

This new feature gives Notify clients enhanced control over security and user control, but also brings a boost to efficiency by taking away the need to keep entering different information into different applications.

SSO can improve user experience and engagement

One of Notify’s newest clients, Grafton Group plc, wanted to use the SSO feature as a way of ensuring high adoption rates across their business as they rolled out Notify to their 11,000 employees.

Using SSO can significantly reduce the risk of feedback such as “I couldn’t log in as I don’t know my username or password.” Software adoption is critical when looking to inspire an entire workforce to feel able to report safety events, and SSO delivers that by design.

SSO can reduce IT support requests

Single Sign On can help reduce support ticket requests and ‘lost password’ downtime, solving issues such as  “I couldn’t log in, therefore I couldn’t complete the task.”

SSO enhances password security

By allowing users to remember one set of credentials, security is optimised, helping solve the significant risks around “I have to write down all my usernames and passwords because there are so many to remember.”

Single Sign-On is available to all users of Notify Cloud. For more information on how SSO works, and how to enable it, please speak to our Customer Success team today.

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