Notify v5.6 : It’s “Elf & Safety Gone M.A.D.”

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Dec 23, 2020 | Product Updates

In the first in his series of new product release blogs, Notify’s Product Owner Neilson Watts outlines some of the enhancements in Notify version 5.6.

Well, what a first 9 months it has been working for Notify Technology, and with it being the ‘season to be jolly’ it is all about “Elf and Safety gone M.A.D.”

By M.A.D…. I mean my focus around Making A Difference through the voice of the customer that ultimately supports Notify’s mission of making 1 billion people around the world safer.

So, what do I mean by Voice of Customer?

Essentially, my job as Product Owner at Notify is to maintain awareness of what the market is doing, where the growth opportunities exist but also, more importantly, to listen to what our customers are telling us about how they are using Notify. I surround myself with feedback as to what customers like, what they don’t like or find frustrating and it is through these we quite often find ‘gold nuggets’ of where we can improve and get the most value.

New Incident Priority feature in Notify Cloud

This is one of my favourites we have delivered in my short time at Notify.  “Why” you may ask – well because it came from the voice of the customer.  Once an event or incident such as a Near Miss or Injury has been captured you can now as part of the investigation process quickly prioritise it as High, Medium, or Low.  We can also configure responses to a trigger question on the Incident Capture form to automatically prioritise the Incident as High. For example, when trigger questions such as “Are you very concerned about this incident?” are being set to ‘Yes’, then the priority of the incident will automatically set to High.

Making a difference through improving usability of Notify

Back in our October v5.5 release we introduced a new Incident Category filter that enables you to quickly filter on the categorisation of an incident, for example searching for Trip Hazards.  Following this release, we received feedback from one of our customers about a way they needed this to work that we had not thought of.  So, taking this feedback on board, we have enhanced this filter as follows:

  • The Incident Category filter now dynamically returns results based on other filter options. For example, where you set the Incident Type filter to “Near Miss”, it will only display/return categories that have been logged against that incident type.
  • Filter categories now show the tiered levels separated by chevrons, e.g. “A trip hazard > Cabling or Piping > A load fell off something”.
  • Searching is now also dynamic in that if for example you search for “trip” it will return all results at all levels in the category hierarchy whilst also showing in bold the text searched for when returning the results.

Want to see some of these enhancements in action?

In less time that it takes to make a cup of tea, we can take you on a quick journey of some of the v5.6 Release Enhancements.



To finish, I would like to say “thank you” to all our awesome customers who provide feedback on how we can make Notify even better via the voice of the customer…. keep it coming for 2021, and I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

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