Our tech team are working around the clock to make improvements and add exciting new features to our products. Check out the latest updates to our Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality assurance management service:

Explore our latest release of enhancements and new features of the Notify Cloud Version 6.0

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  1. Method Statements
  2. Risk Assessments – Simple COSHH & PPE
  3. General Usability Enhancements

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1. Method Statements

We are proud to announce a major new feature to Notify Cloud with the new Method Statement Module. This new module complements our existing modules helping you build Method Statements and Construction Phase Plans across your sites and collaborating more effectively with your team, contractors, and the principal contractor.

User Management > Provide User with access to Method Statement Module

You are in complete control via User Management, in providing your users with access to the Method Statement Module.

User Management > Method Statement Permission Groups

You can choose the level of permissions for each user who are authorised to view the Method Statements module.

Form Templates > Method Statement Form Templates

Use our powerful Template Manager Tool, to build the Method Statements you require.

Form Templates > Method Statement > Report Preferences

Customisable Report Preferences (including Colour Themes, Front Page & Contents and Footers section settings) ensuring your business provides professionally branded Method Statement Reports.

Form Templates > Method Statement > New Substance Properties Field Type

We have increased the range of field types to help you keep track of substance properties.

Note: you can also override the Substance item descriptions to suit your business needs.

Form Templates > Method Statement > New PPE Requirements Field Type

Keep track of the mandatory PPE Requirements through the addition of the new PPE Requirements Field Type.

Note: you can also override the PPE item descriptions to suit your business needs.

Method Statement > eSignature Signing Off

Get the key eSignatures of the individuals who have drafted, approved, and signed off the Method Statement.

Method Statement Reporting > Export to PDF

Produce professional and detailed Method Statements reports and to PDF with personalisation that represents your business branding.

Method Statement > CSV Export

Quickly export the Method Statement List and or the Method Statement Report contents to CSV.

Method Statement >List Summary Screen

Get a complete view of how your Method Statements are progressing across the business from the Method Statement List Summary screen. You can use the helpful filters to get the information you need quickly.

Method Statement > Attachments

Effortless upload any key supporting documentation direct to your Method Statements via the Attachments panel.

Method Statement – Linked Records (Incidents, Audits & Risk Assessment

Link any Incident, Audit and Risk Assessment to your Method Statement and these will be automatically referenced within your Method Statement Report.

Method Statements > Actions & Linked Actions

Manage and issue key Actions directly from within the Method Statement and keep track of their status all the way through to close out.

Method Statements > Comments

Add and manage all comments from the handy Comments tab at the footer of each respective Method Statement.

Method Statement > Activity Trail

We help you keep a full audit trail of when a Method Statement is created all the way through editing, publishing, and review.

2. Risk Assessments – Simple COSHH & PPE

We have enhanced our Risk Assessment Module to help you manage Simple COSHH, Substance Properties and PPE Requirements.

Form Templates > COSHH PPE Settings

From within the Risk Assessment Templates, you can choose your relevant COSHH and PPE Settings you would like to include on your Risk Assessment.

Risk Assessment – Substance Information

Record information from your Safety Data Sheet about the substance you are assessing such as Product Name, Supplier etc.

Risk Assessment – Hazard Statement & Precautionary Phrases

Record the Hazard Statements & Precautionary Phrases direct from the Safety Data Sheet.

Risk Assessment > Substance Properties and PPE Requirements

When completing the Risk Assessment select the relevant Substance Properties and PPE Requirements.

Risk Assessment > Emergency Pre-Cautions

Record the Emergency Precautions and any further requirements to complete the work safely.

Risk Assessment > Attach the Safety Data Sheet

Effortlessly upload the manufacturers safety data sheet to the Attachments section of the Risk Assessment.

My Company Settings > Override Risk Matrix Descriptions

You now can override and customise the Risk Matrix Descriptions to meet the needs of your business.

3. General Usability Enhancements

Audits PDF Export > Hide Not Applicable Sections

You can now when exporting an Audit, Inspection or Checklist to PDF choose to Hide N/A Sections.

Bulk Incident Extract (aka Data Hose) > JSON File Updates

We have enhanced the Bulk Incident Extract feature to reflect the following:

  1. Where an Incident type is changed using the Change Incident Type feature e.g., Near Miss to Injury, we will provide an updated JSON file for the original Near Miss Incident with the status of ‘Is Deleted’. – NC-6303
  2. Where updates are made to an Action that is linked to an Incident e.g., change Status from To Do to Done, we will provide an update to the JSON file that includes these changes. – NC-6737
  3. Where updates are made to the Incident Investigation Form, we will provide an update to the JSON file that includes these changes. – NC-6738