As we enter 2023, Notify’s software supports the health, safety and well-being of more than 200,000 workers in over 100 countries. With our software helping so many people globally, our tech team are more dedicated than ever to bring you new features and upgrades.

Explore new features of Notify Cloud Version 6.2

Click on each feature below to see what’s new…

  1. New Help Centre
  2. External Audit Actions –Action Passcode
  3. Incident Investigation Routing by Roles
  4. French Language support now available
  5. Usability Enhancements
    1. Security & Penetration Testing
    2. Performance Improvements, Scalability and Load Testing
    3. Technical Debt

For the full release notes to share with your team, please click here to download the PDF.

Please remember to send us your ideas for functionality you’d like to see across our Notify products by clicking on the ‘Suggest a Feature’ icon within your Notify Help Desk.

1. New Help Centre

Help Centre – Knowledge Base Articles

Our new and improved Help Centre is now available directly from Notify Cloud by clicking the Help icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

We include access to knowledge base articles across all our key modules as well a library of all our feature releases. We’re constantly evolving and adding new content, so please get using and we’d love to hear your feedback.

2. External Actions – Enhanced Security – Action Passcode

External Actions – Passcodes

The External Actions feature enables you to issue Actions to individuals who may be part of your external supply chain and therefore don’t need to have a Notify user login. We’ve added an additional layer of security that will require an external action assignee to enter a 6-digit passcode that is emailed to them, ensuring that only the person who was assigned the action can see and update the progress and information related to it.

How to enable External Action Passcode feature

Navigating to Settings > My Company Settings, within the Security Settings section you can set “Enable External Action Passcode” to ON.

Viewing/Editing/Updating an External Action with the External Action Passcode feature enabled

Once the External Acton Passcode feature is enabled, as an External Action Assignee, when I click a link in the ‘You’ve been assigned an action email’, to either view, edit or update my assigned action, you will be prompted to enter a One Time Passcode.

Note: The 6-digit code is randomly generated and is valid for 180 seconds. If you enter an incorrect code, you will be asked to retry or alternatively you can request a new code.

3. Incident Investigation Routing by Roles

We’ve enhanced our Incident Investigation auto routing capabilities, where multiple investigation stages to be able to dynamically route an incident based on the user’s role and the links to the Org Structure. For example, you may want to route Incidents through an investigation process of 3 steps from Branch Manager to Regional Director and a final review by Health & Safety team before an Incident can be closed.

Important: this feature requires manual configurations to Incident Workflows and support from Customer Success to set up.

My Company Settings > Enable & Configure Incident Roles

You can enable Roles from within My Company Settings and using a Global List to define the relevant roles.

My User Profile > Map Role to User

Once Roles is enabled, within the users profile you can configure their relevant role.

4. French Language Support

In addition to Dutch, German, Spanish, Mongolian and Russian, we’re pleased to announce we now support French for our Incident and Audits Modules

Note: Actions and our Notify IM and Notify A&I app will be available on our v6.3 Release at the end of March 2023).

Multi-Language Settings – Support Language – French

French can be now added as a supported language.

Auto Translate your Audit Templates to French

When Multi-Language is enabled on your Company and French is selected as a supported language, you can edit your Form Templates and auto translate them to French.

5. Usability Enhancements

Risk Assessments > Improved Hazards & Control Table

We’ve improved the formatting of the Risk Assessments – Hazards & Controls table.

System User – Global List – Auto Flag as High Priority

Increased flexibility over what items within a Global List can auto flag an Incident as High Priority.

Note: only System Users can do this, and further configuration to Incident Workflows are required to support this via the ‘Set Priority Task’ and ‘Conditions’ attributes.

System User – Incident Workflows – Auto Set Incident to Lost Time based on response to a Question

We can now help customers auto flag an Incident as Lost Time based on a response to a question with the ‘SetIncidentAsLTI’ Workflow Task.

Note: Only System Users can configure Incident Workflows via our Customer Success team and changes maybe required to Incident Workflows.

a. Security & Penetration Testing

It’s not all about delivering new features at Notify, we take the security of our customer data as our number one priority.

Annually we invest in third party CREST Accredited Security experts to undertake Penetration Testing, designed to seek out security vulnerabilities and weaknesses with our commitment to remediate and remove these.

We also regularly assess our Notify Web and Mobile applications against the Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis.

b. Performance Improvements, Scalability and Load Testing

As Notify grows and we take on more and more customers and users around the world, we want to ensure the performance and scalability of our Web and Mobile applications are not only fit for purpose now, but also into the future.

We’ve invested significantly in third party experts carrying out Load Testing to replicate high demands on our software and infrastructure, which will help Notify to identify where we need to make improvements.

c. Technical Debt

At Notify we call this ‘keeping our lights on!!’. Essentially this is about good housekeeping to ensure the infrastructure, code, third party components and the plumbing we use is maintained, secure and in good working order.