Notify 5.3: Extended Dashboards

by NOTIFY TECHNOLOGY | Jul 9, 2020 | Blog

We recently unveiled some exciting new features in the latest version of our smart Health & Safety software, Notify Cloud 5.3.

One of the most significant enhancements we’ve made to Notify is our new Extended Dashboards feature.

Notify now provides Management Dashboards & Reporting. These dashboards deliver professional and easy-to-read visuals of the data and help identify key trends. Their simple interactivity allows you to quickly drill down to key data points.  Clients can now run their management meetings using the Notify application rather than flat paper reports or complex spreadsheets.

The Original Dashboard

Our original dashboard view gives an overview of tasks assigned to you and lets you know how many audits you have due or in progress, how many near-misses and injuries have been reported that you’re assigned to, as well as instances of lost time.

The original dashboard also gives a summary of near-misses, injuries, and instances of lost time and ill health that have been logged during the current month to date and how that compares to the previous period.


Notify’s original dashboard view, showing tasks assigned to the logged-in user.

Our original dashboard also gives an overview of incidents and near-misses reported so far this month.

What’s New?

Our Extended Dashboards feature allows you to quickly view different aspects of data from your Notify account in one place.

Incident Management Dashboard

By selecting Incident Management Dashboard, you’ll be able to view, and filter, all near-misses, injuries and instances of ill health that have been reported this month, last month, over the last 90 days and year to date.

The dashboard then breaks down the reports into top ten categories, so you can quickly identify trends and areas for immediate attention.

Finally, the IM Dashboard shows incidents reported by month over the past year, displayed using colour-coded incident types, so you can see how many logged incidents were near-misses, how many were injuries, and how many were ill health-related.

And don’t forget, you can also log instances of mental health and we recently added COVID-19 related ill health reporting options too.

The all new Incident Management Dashboard in Notify Cloud 5.3.

Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) Dashboard

Our Accident Frequency Rate Dashboard provides an HSE and industry recognised benchmark to help track your organisation’s frequency rate for accidents over time for RIDDOR events and Lost Time events.  Typically, a business will use these rates to look for seasonal trends, compare areas of your business to one another, or to HSE-published industry statistics.

Notify’s AFR dashboards, new in version 5.3.

If you’re currently using Notify Cloud 5.3, you might see our new dashboards in your side menu. If not, please speak to your Notify contact to upgrade.

If you’re not using Notify currently, and would like to try it for free, please request your FREE account here.